Autel Energy Europe hosts the 2024 Partner Summit in Amsterdam, with debut of the Megawatt Charging System

4 May 2024

Autel Energy Europe, a leading provider of electric vehicle charging products and services, successfully completed its Autel Partner Summit at the prestigious Muziekgebouw in Amsterdam. During the April 24-25 summit, Autel not only demonstrated its visionary European strategy, but partners also received unique insights into the company's vision and a complete overview of Autel's new, revolutionary product line.

The summit brought together influential figures, key EV industry players, valued customers and industry members for engaging discussions and presentations. Notable speakers from industry giants such as Hubject shared their expertise and insights into the future of electric mobility, enriching the discussions and inspiring attendees to push the boundaries of innovation in electric vehicle charging infrastructure.

Autel unveiled its latest innovations during the summit, with the MaxiCharger Megawatt Charging System as the big highlight, which offers a peak power of 1500 A and 1.2 MW charging capacity. It is designed for heavy-duty electric vehicles and covers various use cases such as public charging at night and warehouse charging. Furthermore, Autel introduced the MaxiCharger DC Compact - Cable Management System Upgrade Version and the Autel Smart Box Kit, demonstrating the company's commitment to further developing electric vehicle charging technology.

On the second day of the Partner Summit 2024, Autel organized a special visit for customers to its partner Orange Charging, to attend the unveiling of Autel's MaxiCharger DC HiPower. This groundbreaking charging solution is based on cutting-edge technology, including the max. 640 kW charging system, which offers up to 400 km of range in just 10 minutes. In addition, simultaneous charging of up to 8 vehicles is possible thanks to the capacity of the intelligent Power Distribution, improving efficiency and use of charging infrastructure.

Ting Cai, CEO of Autel Europe, said: “Thanks to notable speakers from industry leaders such as Hubject, the summit reflects our commitment to driving innovation in the EV sector. Our breakthrough technologies, such as the MaxiCharger Megawatt Charging System and the MaxiCharger DC HiPower, demonstrate our commitment to revolutionize electric vehicle charging infrastructure and shape a cleaner, more efficient future for mobility.”

Over the past four years, Autel Energy has enjoyed significant success in the European market, evidenced by the company's remarkable financial growth. This highlights Autel's position as a leading player in the EV charging sector and its commitment to driving progress in sustainable transportation.

In June, the Megawatt Charging System will also be on display during the Power2Drive Europe C6-330 in Munich. All attendees are welcome at our stand, where they can personally experience the groundbreaking features of the Megawatt Charging System.

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Jiaqi Liu, [email protected]