ATrack launches several models of satellite tracking of vehicles and assets with 4G LTE technology

25 November 2022

ATrack Technology Inc. , the renowned brand of GPS trackers has recently launched four new products targeting fleet management and asset tracking, including AK500 Telematics Gateway, tracking AK7V wired type vehicle satellite tracking, AX300 OBDII type vehicle satellite tracking, and AS500 long standby time waterproof asset tracking. Developing products based on customer's need, and also helps to reduce customer's operating cost and raise management efficiency.

Drastic increase in the needs of 4G products; meet the needs of Latin America

According to the global electronic market forecast report 2022, prepared by the eMarketer market research agency, Latin America is one of the markets with great growth potential , especially countries such as Mexico, Brazil and Argentina. Lawrence Chao, VP of ATrack, indicated that due to the 2G and 3G blackout program in Latin America, ATrack has launched a series of 4G products focusing on different applications to meet the needs of the market.

Satellite Vehicle Tracking Increases Fleet Management Efficiency

ATrack has designed three new products especially for fleet management. AK500 equipped with 4G LTE and still supports 3G networks, while equipped with functions of WiFi hotspot, Bluetooth, CAN diagnosis, it also carries a detailed interface capable of connecting to various models of sensors. The economic model AK7V is able to process instant positioning, CAN diagnosis, connect to various sensors, also supports two-way audio communication functions so that the driver can efficiently support instant communication with the control center.

The AX300 OBD model carries the Plug-n-Play interface which is capable of reading the data from two CANs simultaneously, obtain the most detailed key data of the engine, such as the parameters of mileage, speed, fuel quantity and consumption, engine speed, engine, and idle time, which will favor the detection of potential problems such as anomalies in fuel consumption and engine temperature to perform maintenance and avoid wear caused by temporary failures.

This series of products can help customers to know the status of their vehicle, and manage driving behavior and watch out for prohibitive behaviors, such as speeding, sharp turning, sudden braking, idling, etc. AK500, AK7V and AX300 are suitable for various commercial trucks, trailers and other vehicles that require multiple applications. These products can help customers reduce fuel consumption, improve driving behaviour, increase fleet management efficiency and reduce overall operating costs.

Satellite tracking with long standby time, perfect for assets without power supply

The AS500 incorporates a variety of innovative technologies, with internal battery power supply and ultra energy-saving design, it can operate independently for up to ten years. Through high level IP69K mechanical design and thermoregulatory technology AS500 can operate stably in long time in extreme cold or hot. AS500 has 4G LTE Cat. M1 and NB-IoT communication, with built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Beacon technology that is capable of supporting tracking both outdoors and indoors.

On this occasion, ATrack has launched four 4G products that meet the needs of various vehicle tracking applications. Among them, AS500 and AX300 have just received the 2023 Taiwan Excellence Award. This series of products is already on sale. Visit ATrack 's official website , LinkedIn , Facebook , Twitter or YouTube for more information.

About ATrack - Connect to the future

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