Atlanta-Based EnviroSpark Announces Integration of NACS Connectors into its Electric Vehicle Charging Network

14 June 2023

EnviroSpark Energy Solutions, Inc., a pioneering force in turnkey electric vehicle charging solutions, announced that the company will integrate North American Charging Standard (NACS) connectors into its nationwide, EnviroSpark-owned charging network, in support of the adoption of the technology by leading automakers Tesla, Ford and General Motors (GM).

"We've already installed and maintained thousands of NACS connectors for partners since our founding in 2014, and in light of the recent upsurge in automakers committing to this technology, we're thrilled to integrate this standard as an option into our own dedicated EnviroSpark Network projects," said Aaron Luque, Founder and CEO of EnviroSpark.

"EnviroSpark has continually served the diverse needs of EV drivers, evolving ahead of the industry to deliver a customer-friendly charging experience. These new advancements are set to catalyze the growth of EV adoption rates and sales, which will inevitably boost throughput on our network."

As the transition to a more EV-centric environment is well underway, the growing demand for charging points means that the U.S. will need hundreds of thousands of new, convenient and easy-to-use fast chargers over the next decade.

"The long-term success of EnviroSpark is inextricably linked to widespread EV adoption, our esteemed partnerships and our ongoing technological leadership," said Luque.

"NACS integration will propel us even further towards EnviroSpark's vision of accessible EV charging for all."

About EnviroSpark

Founded in 2014, EnviroSpark is an industry leader in the turnkey design, installation and operation of EV charging solutions. The company was founded with two missions: to raise awareness around the benefits of electric vehicles and to build a more robust EV charging infrastructure. Responsible for 7,000 plugs to date, EnviroSpark addresses the pain points of North American property owners and drivers by enhancing EV accessibility in customer-friendly ways.