AMCI Testing MP6® data shows Tesla Supercharger does not give other brands the charging experience they may hope for

13 June 2024

Over the last six months, AMCI Testing has been evaluating comparative fast-charging capabilities across a wide range of EVs. We call this new rating MP6® as it measures miles of range added when they matter most: When you are short on range and/or short on time. MP6 mimics the 6 minutes of a typical gas-station stop.

For wide adoption of EVs, consumers should not need to alter their long-standing fueling habits—nor the amount of time they are willing to dedicate to enroute fueling. MP6® clearly shows how many miles of range each EV can add within this essential and expected 6-minute window.

While our initial testing was only on the Tesla Supercharger, we have now extended the test to find the capabilities of one of its competitors, Electrify America, with results that will surprise.

To date, Tesla's system and vehicles have been in a closed system and optimized for Tesla vehicles. Now that other brands have access, how will they perform in comparison with the chargers for which they were originally designed?

After testing several popular and diverse EVs across both the Tesla Supercharger and Electrify America networks—using AMCI Testing's in-depth MP6 protocol—company representatives are skeptical.

"As we saw in our last release of MP6 data, even with its slower-charging, base-battery chemistry, the 2024 Tesla Model 3 'Highland' adds more miles in six minutes than any other vehicle we have tested on the Tesla network," said Guy Mangiamele, Director of AMCI Testing. "One might expect that means high-speed fast charging for any vehicle plugged into the Tesla network, but that is clearly untrue. Unlike fueling at a gas station, there are many variables at play including hardware and software, over which the consumer has no control. Among the diverse group of vehicles we have tested, the data clearly shows that non-Tesla vehicles will not charge to their full design potential at a Tesla Supercharger."

Looking at the comparative results, the CEO of AMCI Global, David Stokols, commented, "Tesla's charging world, and that of all others, have operated in separate universes. This has caused certain brands and architectures, from OEMs to charging providers, to be unfairly judged. Now with Musk reevaluating his posture on shared NACS charging, those worlds are colliding. This will lead to new winners, dashed hopes, and an opportunity for the OEMs and charging companies to create new narratives.  As the battle ensues between brands and charging systems the consumer MUST be the winner or BEVs will not become the answer for our environmental future."

In the coming months we will extend our testing further to reveal more interesting results, as the marketplace remains very fluid. Go to sign up for updates as they occur.

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