ALYI Features EV Battery And Charging Station Components Of Overall Electric Mobility Ecosystem Solution

23 September 2020

Alternet Systems, Inc. released new details on the company's overall electric mobility ecosystem solution with a specific focus on the electric vehicle (EV) battery and charging station components of the company's developing electric mobility ecosystem solution.

ALYI is approaching the electric vehicle market with a comprehensive and long-term view.  We are endeavoring to build an electric mobility ecosystem that connects ever evolving technology with an environmentally sensitive transportation solution driven by a myriad of consumer expectations which are ever changing in reaction to new technologies and competitive offerings.  The electric mobility ecosystem is nothing but a conversation if it does not also include investment as a component of the system.

While the ReVolt Electric Motorcycle is ALYI's point of embarkation into the introduction of the electric mobility ecosystem, it is our annual symposium that is the anchor of our intent to continually harness evolving technology to ultimately produce near-term and long-term future electric mobility solutions that are in sync with consumer expectations.

In other words, there are a lot of moving parts that will go into making electric vehicles for the future and our approach is not to build an organization with expertise in all those parts, but otherwise to build an ecosystem that coordinate select internal expertise with market wide external expertise to produce a perpetual continuum of electric mobility solutions.

ALYI has initiated its electric mobility focus first in Sub-Saharan Africa where per capita transportation infrastructure is substantially under resourced. The prevailing low per capital transportation infrastructure is ideal for technology leapfrog opportunities.

The ReVolt Electric Motorcycle is just the starting place for ALYI's long-term electric mobility vision.  Instead of designing specific future products in an isolated lab, ALYI has designed a process to bring a community of stakeholders together with ALYI's own design team to collectively contribute to the future of electric mobility in Sub-Saharan Africa and beyond.

To motivate and inspire collaboration in a rational electric mobility evolutionary process, ALYI has architected an annual electric mobility symposium and conference around an electric auto race as an anchor event. 

Just as the ReVolt Electric Motorcycle is ALYI's overall point of embarkation into the introduction of its electric mobility ecosystem, the company is also initiating into the ecosystem at a subcomponent level with the selection of market available components or the origination of components that will be integrated into the ReVolt Electric Motorcycle and the ongoing support of the ReVolt Electric Motorcycle centered transportation solution.

Off the shelf components can bring tested and supported solutions.  Off the shelf solutions can also come with design limitations.  Accordingly, the electric mobility ecosystem is a never-ending work in progress.  Research will be continuous, and the solutions today will continuously be updated or replaced.

With Tesla leading media attention on the EV market, we are following suit with a focus today - Tesla's Battery Day - on our own progress and direction with the EV battery component of our overall electric mobility ecosystem.  Our EV battery focus today also includes addressing the inclusion of charging station solution in our electric mobility ecosystem.

EV Battery And Charging Station Electric Mobility Ecosystem Components

Our EV battery approach includes both an ongoing internal initiative and the evaluation of external, off the shelf solutions.

We have had a long-term interest in the potential of industrial hemp as a material for an EV charging solution. 

Hemp has demonstrated potential to offer a very cost-effective superior material to traditional graphene in the production of supercapacitors. Side by side comparison of hemp solutions to lithium battery solutions have shown favorable results for the potential of hemp. ALYI's hemp battery initiative has formerly engaged notable industry leadership in the hemp supercapacitor research field.  It is our intent to engage a university partner to maintain our ongoing research initiative. 

A hemp solution is not ready for a near-term implementation.  The first production generation of the ReVolt Electric Motorcycle will integrate an off the shelf solution.  The design of the ReVolt Electric Motorcycle can flexibly utilize almost any lithium battery solution and the first production version may offer more than one battery option.

ALYI's leading initial battery focus remains on the ongoing exploration of solutions from Samsung SDI and Gegadyne Energy.

ALYI also intends to contemporaneously introduce a charging station solution with the roll-out of the ReVolt Electric Motorcycle.  In light of the current electric grid limitations, it is our belief the appropriate charging station solution should stand alone and independently source electricity separate from the local grid.

Solar power is an obvious option and we are evaluating solar charging stations.  At the same time, we are exploring a promising fuel cell solution.  We anticipate the initial electric charging station solution may involve pilots with more than partner and more than one technology.

ALYI Electric Mobility Ecosystem Stakeholder Participation Model

ALYI's electric mobility ecosystem has been designed to invite wide participation with the catalyst launching the ecosystem into perpetual motion built around a planned initial cryptocurrency offering (ICO) organized by ALYI funding partner RevoltTOLKEN.

The RevoltTOKEN cryptocurrency is structured to incorporate the holder as a stakeholder into the ALYI electric mobility ecosystem.

The RevoltTOKEN cryptocurrency is a utility token with redeemable value into the ALYI electric mobility ecosystem.

All interested in purchasing RevoltTOKEN cryptocurrency are encouraged to thoroughly review the white paper currently in a draft form and available on the RevoltTOKEN website ( where the cryptocurrency redemption options are listed. 

The whitepaper also details the overall vision of the ALYI electric mobility ecosystem in partnership with those becoming RevoltTOKEN stakeholders.

RevoltTOKEN is prepared to promptly move forward with the planned ICO.  The ICO date and details will be forthcoming in several soon to be published future updates.

In the meantime, any parties interested in the pre-ICO purchase of RevoltTOKEN cryptocurrency can contact the company by email at [email protected] to explore pre-ICO incentives and opportunities.

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