Ahlstrom launches Ahlstrom ECO™, a renewable lignin-based automotive filter media

26 April 2023

Ahlstrom introduces a new range of renewable and sustainable filtration solutions for automotive applications.  Ahlstrom ECO™ is a technology supporting the increasing sustainability demands of the global transportation market and offering a new choice for filter manufacturers.    

Developed by Ahlstrom, a new renewable and sustainable filter media utilizes lignin-based* impregnation, replacing fossil-based resin.  The resin solution contains a significant amount of bio-based, renewable lignin, whilst the mechanical properties and the durability of the filter media, even in challenging environments, are maintained.

According to Ahlstrom's initial estimates1, the new lignin-based impregnated filter media displays a lower carbon footprint than a standard fossil-based resin media.  Additionally, the lignin-based impregnation recipe brings a significant reduction, between 50-70%, of formaldehyde emissions during the curing process.

Ahlstrom is partnering with Tecfil, a leading automotive filter manufacturer in Latin America, who is incorporating Ahlstrom ECO™ solution into a final filter design. The new product will be launched at the Automec exhibition in Sao Paolo, Brazil on April 25-29.

"Ahlstrom ECO™ is a perfect example of how we are living up to our purpose to Purify and Protect with every fiber for a sustainable world, and our commitment to innovate fiber-based specialty solutions to our customer's needs and to help them solve some of the global challenges, "says Tamara Quatrano, VP, R&D, and Product Development Filtration.  "We are pleased with the joint activities with Tecfil and proud to be able to offer this new, renewable solution to the market", she continues.

"An outstanding collaboration between our two teams – Ahlstrom and Tecfil – resulted in a new, environmentally friendly filter solution.  We are proud to say that the combined efforts, especially from our engineering and testing group, have made it possible to bring this sustainable solution to the global market.  Not only is the product eco-friendly, but also performs on the same high standard as all our product lines", says Flavio Montanari, Industrial Director Tecfil.

For more information, please contact:  Willy Bordignon, Vice President, Filtration Division Americas
[email protected]

Tecfil in brief

Tecfil is the largest manufacturer of automotive filters in Latin America and a 100% Brazilian company.  It has two manufacturing units and two distribution centers located in the city of Guarulhos, occupying an approximate built-up area of 62,000 m². With more than 1,500 employees, Tecfil produces over 5,500 models of filters for all markets, serving thousands of vehicle models, including all brands of cars, motorcycles, trucks, heavy machinery, and agricultural implements. The company stands out for supplying original factory filters to several automakers.  Currently, the brand is present throughout Brazil and exports to more than 60 countries, offering filters with high capacity and quality to the market.  https://www.tecfil.com.br

Ahlstrom in brief

Ahlstrom is a global leader in combining fibers into sustainable specialty materials. Our purpose is to Purify and Protect, with Every Fiber, for a Sustainable World. Our vision is to be the Preferred Sustainable Specialty Materials Company for all our stakeholders. We serve five growing and distinctive end markets, which form the basis for our five divisions: Filtration, Food & Consumer Packaging, Healthcare, Building Materials, and Technical Materials. Our net sales in 2022 for continuing operations amounted to EUR 3.3 billion and we employ some 7,000 people. Read more at www.ahlstrom.com

* Lignin is a raw material from trees and is produced as a side stream of pulp production. Lignin can be used to replace fossil materials.

1product carbon footprint estimate, cradle-to-gate using secondary data from Ecoinvent v3.6