Actify Publishes "The Business Tool Manufacturers Need to Boost Productivity Across All Teams"

14 July 2022

Actify, the leading provider of visualization and program management solutions for the automotive supply chain, today announced it has published an e-book resource to provide insights around how automotive suppliers and manufacturers can achieve significant business benefits from improved visualization across the entire company.

Today, just about everyone in a manufacturing business has a sufficiently powerful device on their desk, in their briefcase, or even in their hand to view and interact with 3D data. Yet for most, part numbers and text descriptions are still the language of communication. We all know that a picture is worth a thousand words, so why is this readily available power not being used?

Important takeaways include:

Providing CAD visualization capabilities is no longer restricted to the engineering department
Design and production planning, sales, supplier relations, marketing, procurement, customer support and quality control
Native CAD systems and most CAD viewers are too technical & expensive to provide access to all teams and users
Actify has an enterprise visualization platform that offers organizations complete visibility needed to enhance and improve operations across the entire enterprise
Download this E-book to learn more about how enterprise visualization provides a path to greater productivity and efficiency.

About Actify
For 15+ years, Actify has been helping manufacturers to visualize and interact with design and engineering information. We've led the industry by creating easy-to-use tools that are affordable and improve quality and productivity. Now, Actify is applying everything we have learned to meet the unique needs of automotive program teams. Actify serves a global base of more than 2,000 companies of whom approximately 85% are suppliers to the auto industry. Actify is headquartered in Detroit, Michigan with sales and support in 45 countries through its offices in the United States, United Kingdom, Germany and China, and a global network of partners. For more information, please visit

Angela Simoes