ZKW develops and manufactures smart digital light for Polestar 3

7 June 2023

The new all-electric Polestar 3 stands out with its minimalist, futuristic design. The technological highlights of the electric SUV include the HD LED headlights, which are developed and manufactured by lighting systems specialist ZKW. The 1.3-megapixel modules of the front lights automatically adjust the intensity, size and height of the light beam to the light and weather conditions as well as the driving speed. In addition, the intelligent headlamp system prevents dazzling other road users. “The Polestar 3 headlamp system combines the latest technologies and innovative functions into a premium series product,” says Dr Wilhelm Steger, CEO of the ZKW Group.

Innovative „mirrorZ“ technology
The basis for the Polestar 3’s high-tech headlights is ZKW’s “mirrorZ” technology, which can control and distribute the LED light in a targeted manner thanks to movable micro-mirrors. In combination with a front camera, the system detects oncoming traffic and, with the help of “Digital Light Processing” technology (DLP), automatically dims and focuses the light beam very precisely and seamlessly on the areas in between. This is made possible by powerful LED modules with 1.3 million pixels, whose light is directed via microscopically tiny, electronically controlled mirrors. “The warning functions help to increase road safety and avoid accidents,” Dr Steger is convinced.

Transnational project
Polestar and ZKW have been working together for many years. The Wieselburg-based lighting systems specialist has already equipped the Polestar 2 with premium LED headlights. The lighting for the Polestar 3 was developed at the ZKW sites in Wieselburg and Dalian, China. The high-tech lighting system is produced at ZKW Dalian, while the vehicle itself is manufactured in Chengdu and Ridgeville, South Carolina. The “mirrorZ” module electronics come from the ZKW electronics plant in Wiener Neustadt.