ZKW and REHAU Automotive enter into cooperation to develop intelligent vehicle fronts

16 May 2023

Automotive lighting system specialist ZKW and REHAU Automotive, plastics specialist and automotive supplier, have decided to jointly drive forward the integration of modern lighting systems in vehicle fronts. In the future, “intelligent vehicle fronts” and possible series products are to be developed. Therefore, REHAU Automotive and ZKW will work together on concepts and pre-development projects in order to be able to offer customers future-oriented solutions for the connection of light, sensor technology and electronics in the vehicle front in the sense of a “seamless intelligent vehicle front”.

The goal of the cooperation is clear: REHAU Automotive and ZKW want to offer significant added value for customers from the automotive industry through bundled competences. Both partners are working on a “seamless intelligent vehicle front” concept that can be integrated into the vehicle as a complete system. In addition, REHAU Automotive and ZKW will jointly offer for current enquiries.

What is the “seamless intelligent vehicle front”?
By eliminating the radiator function in electric vehicles, a large area at the front of the vehicle can be redesigned. The “seamless intelligent vehicle front” intelligently merges components that were previously developed and installed separately into a complete system.

The seamless vehicle front is enriched with light, logo, sensor and heating elements and thus be-comes an intelligent design object. In addition, the vehicle front must still ensure the protection of the occupants in the event of an accident and thus meet the highest safety requirements.

ZKW and REHAU Automotive are already working together on various concepts for car manufacturers. The development of an integrated vehicle front as part of the joint cooperation was launched in April.

“The aim of the cooperation is to open up additional business potential through the integration of our modern lighting and electronics solutions in vehicle add-on parts. We are very pleased to have REHAU Automotive as a strong partner at our side,” says Dr Wilhelm Steger, CEO of ZKW Group GmbH.

“Automobiles are our passion. The dynamic development of mobility drives us to develop new best possible solutions for our customers. Individual, functional design is becoming an important differentiating feature for OEMs. Together with our strong partner ZKW, we develop exterior components that give vehicles a new face in combination with light,” emphasises Dr Markus Distelhoff, CEO REHAU Automotive.