Wallbox and Atlante Join Forces to Deploy the Largest EV Fast-Charging Network in Southern Europe

20 November 2023

Wallbox a leading provider of electric vehicle (“EV”) charging and energy management solutions worldwide, and Atlante, a company of NHOA Group (NHOA.PA, formerly Engie EPS) dedicated to creating the largest fast and ultra-fast charging network for electric vehicles in Southern Europe, have joined forces to develop new public charging points in Italy, France, Spain, and Portugal.

Both companies have a long-standing commitment to promoting sustainability and technological innovation in the field of electric mobility and have now further strengthened their collaboration. The partnership with Wallbox will enable Atlante to speed up its ambitious project of installing 5,000 points of charge by 2025 and 35,000 by 2030, all of them 100% enabled by renewables and backed by storage and photovoltaic canopies, where possible.

Atlante’s fast-charging stations will be equipped with Wallbox's public charger Supernova, both in its 60 kW version and the latest 150 kW version. They will be strategically positioned along the primary transportation arteries linking Southern Europe, in strict compliance with the recently ratified legislation by the European Parliament. This legislation stipulates the requirement of establishing at least one charging point per 60 kilometers on the core road network of the European Union, and one for every 100 kilometers on the Trans-European network. Additionally, Atlante will install charging stations in parking lots and strategic urban areas.

Wallbox and Atlante have been collaborating since 2022, when the Italian company chose Wallbox as a key partner for the installation of superfast charging points in its home country, Italy. The Milan-based company already has over 3,500 charging points online and under construction, and thanks to technological partners like Wallbox, it has been able to streamline its project to establish the largest network of fast and ultra-fast public charging in southern Europe. In 2022 and 2023, the company was selected to receive approximately €73 million of grants from the European Union under the CEF 2 Transport – Alternative Fuel Infrastructure Facility program, a funding initiative supporting European transport infrastructure.

As a public charging operator and a strong focus on sustainability, Atlante has chosen Wallbox as its partner due to the extensive range of solutions provided by the Spanish company. Wallbox's leadership in the EV charging market and its production capacity have positioned the company as the ideal partner to execute Atlante's project, since the company exclusively selects suppliers who can ensure maximum reliability and offer an uptime of over 95%, which is the case of Wallbox’s Supernova charger.

“We are excited to announce our collaboration with Atlante, a strategic partner with whom we share a long-term vision, and with whom we will provide our customers with the best possible electric charging experience," says Enric Asunción, CEO and co-founder of Wallbox. "Thanks to our common commitment to promoting the widespread adoption of sustainable transportation, we aim to foster a new energy paradigm based on collaboration and create a pan-European public charging infrastructure, hoping that this partnership will drive many other initiatives that will enhance the consumer charging experience”.

“From the very beginning, we have believed in Wallbox's fast and ultra-fast charging solutions, convinced of the seriousness of Enric and his team's approach in conceiving and manufacturing high-quality products designed specifically for our markets. We are excited to have Wallbox as a partner in the ongoing technological development of our charging solutions, and above all, in the shared challenge of creating an increasingly extensive and accessible charging network for as many EV drivers as possible in Southern Europe. When it comes to hardware selection, we place the utmost importance on the level of reliability and service quality, ensuring users a straightforward and uncompromising performance experience. Therefore, we exclusively use top-tier chargers and have only a few selected partners like Wallbox, whose products complement our offering in the fast-charging segment," states Stefano Terranova, CEO of Atlante.