VicOne Launches Smart Cockpit Protection Solutions for Automotive OEMs

24 May 2023

VicOne, an automotive cybersecurity solutions leader, today launched its Smart Cockpit Protection Solutions for automotive original equipment manufacturers  to protect their customers’ data privacy.

With the increasing use of in-vehicle infotainment (IVI) systems and car companion applications, cyber attackers can exploit leaked personally identifiable information (PII) to eavesdrop on private, in-car conversations, commit identity theft or even steal customers’ vehicles. Safeguarding personal data is crucial for OEMs to earn car users’ trust and protect their brand image.

VicOne’s new Smart Cockpit Protection Solutions enable OEMs to:

  • Maintain positive brand image by enabling customers to safeguard PII and privacy via a downloadable app or preinstallation on IVI systems
  • Create new revenue streams by monetizing cybersecurity
  • Extend attack-surface visibility from the system level to the application level for future threat detection and response

“Car users are very concerned about the security of their personal data. If OEMs are to capitalize on the significant new revenue opportunities presented by software-enabled services, they must first win the confidence of their car users,” said Max Cheng, chief executive officer of VicOne. “We have developed our modular Smart Cockpit Protection Solutions to provide OEMs with breakthrough capabilities to protect their customers’ data privacy all the way from the IVI systems to their car companion apps.”

According to Gartner Research, cybersecurity is an increasing priority for automakers driven by the growing surface area susceptible to attack. Rapid uptake of connected vehicles across global markets has increased OEMs’ risk of significant brand and financial damage with the growth of updatable vehicle functions controlled by software. Attackers can access and exploit car users’ PII in multiple ways. For example, when they are on the road, car users often use web browsers to perform tasks such as ordering food or checking stock prices. Attackers can leverage browser vulnerabilities and install backdoors into customers’ IVI systems, enabling access to in-car conversations, contacts, pictures and text messages, as well as other sensitive data such as email addresses, bank-account numbers and credit-card details. Attackers also can craft malicious apps in the form of seemingly innocuous apps, to lure OEMs’ customers into installing them on their IVI systems.

Gartner notes that OEMs are increasing their focus on vehicle cybersecurity to both adapt for the new threat landscape and comply with international regulatory pressures such as the United Nations (UN) regulation 155 (R155), which specifies engineering requirements for vehicle cybersecurity and maps closely to the ISO/SAE 21434 standard.

VicOne’s Smart Cockpit Protection Solutions are made up of two products: Smart Cockpit Security App to secure data privacy in IVI systems and Smart Cockpit Mobile SDK (software development kit) to protect OEM car companion apps. Combining with other VicOne cybersecurity solutions conveys to OEMs exceptional multilayered cybersecurity protection, from the system level to the application level and extending attack-surface visibility for future threat detection and response. VicOne’s xCarbon intrusion detection and prevention system (IDPS) secures vehicles’ on-board electronic control units (ECUs), and the company’s xNexus platform delivers extended detection and response (XDR) for vehicle security operations centers (VSOCs).

Together, the VicOne Smart Cockpit Protection Solutions offer OEMs comprehensive capabilities to provide their customers with security for IVI privacy and identity, detection of IVI app vulnerabilities, monitoring of IVI app performance, protection of car companion apps, detection of malicious URLs and 24/7 surveillance of personal data.

VicOne is showcasing its new Smart Cockpit Protection Solutions with a live demonstration during EcoMotion Week 2023 in Tel Aviv, Israel, May 22-24 at Booth 377.

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