VicOne Files for Six New Automotive-Cybersecurity Patents with USPTO

29 June 2023

VicOne, an automotive cybersecurity solutions leader, today announced that it has filed six new patent applications with the United States Patent Office. Each relates to capabilities of VicOne’s portfolio of cybersecurity solutions, which support the global automotive industry’s original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and Tier 1 suppliers in their defense against evolving threats and in their compliance journey with new regulations:

  • Automotive Virtual Patch Framework”—This multi-layer framework is based on EEA and attack-path analysis to provide distributed virtual patch protection for vehicle vulnerabilities. This capability is key for thwarting hackers in their attempts to exploit typical timeframes for implementing firmware updates to address vulnerabilities.
  • “Analysis and Prioritization of Vulnerabilities of Connected Vehicles”—This is a static and dynamic hybrid method for scanning and prioritizing vehicle vulnerabilities. It is designed to help automotive OEMs more efficiently and effectively manage and address vulnerabilities, by defining impact status based on various parameters including system context, usage behavior and threat intelligence.
  • “Zero FP Framework”—This patent application describes a distributed, multi-layered defense framework for delivering precise detection and zero onboard false positives (FP) for connected vehicles. Problems are isolated and investigated for connection to cyberattacks before information is populated to the cloud.
  • “A Method or System to Detect Supply Chain Attack by Sensing the Changes of Applications with the Performed Behaviors in Virtual Environment”—This method for application-behavior analysis enables correlation of similar behaviors and distinguishing suspicious ones within an application, for “sandbox” scanning of suppliers’ developed solutions before shipment. It leverages deep learning to convert sandbox logs into vector form.
  • “Detection and Filtering of Abnormal Sensor Data for Object Detection in Automotive Applications”—This patent application describes a technique for safeguarding the output of sensor fusion in multi-sensor systems against spoofing attacks, aiding enhanced object detection in advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS). It helps an automobile better distinguish between trustworthy and untrustworthy information from multiple sensors, mitigating against the potential harm of an isolated hack.
  • “Detection of Abnormal Operations in Connected Vehicles”—This technique provides an adaptive approach, based on a “zero trust” architecture for vehicle software systems, for detecting malicious behavior of applications, preventing abnormal actions on critical flow and performing continuous risk assessment of applications on the fly.

“Our solutions provide carmakers and suppliers full visibility of vehicle components and enable them to detect and mitigate security risks in their manufacturing processes and supply chain systems, while ensuring regulatory compliance at every phase,” said Pender Chang, vice president of research and development, VicOne. “These novel methods across the entire lifecycle of development are important additions to our purpose-built software and services for securing the vehicles of tomorrow.”