Velocity Automotive Integrates Digital Vehicle Portfolios into Rapid Recon Services

17 January 2024

Velocity Automotive, Driven by Vehlo, now integrates its Engage digital vehicle portfolios with OEM window stickers and build sheets into sister company Rapid Recon.

Velocity Engage Digital Vehicle Portfolios are a powerful online shopper engagement tool that brings leads and buyers into the dealership. The comprehensive facts and figures the portfolio provides about a vehicle being considered to build consumer trust and value in the car and the dealership.

Engage portfolios' digital presentation includes vehicle photos and videos, pricing, OEM window sticker details, manufacturer brochures, and service and reconditioning histories. They leave shoppers ready to engage with you directly or via sales lead, of which your CRM is notified.

Your salespeople cannot know all the benefits of the used car in your inventory, but when equipped with Engage portfolio information, they'll greet customers well-informed and confident when engaging buyers about your used vehicles.  

"No two used cars are alike, but with these digital vehicle portfolios, we all now speak more intelligently with customers about any car in inventory - and cars sell faster and give us remarkable insight when appraising," said Jeromie Allan, Partner and Executive Manager for Gary Yeomans Ford, Daytona Beach, Florida.

"Transparency in buying a vehicle today is paramount," said Josh DeYoung, Vice President of Sales – East, for Velocity Automotive, "especially when the customer doesn't have to ask, which is why this information is on the website for all potential new buyers to view."

Customizable at the dealership level, Velocity Automotive Digital Vehicle Portfolios seamlessly integrate with your business model, offering instant access to OEM window sticker data and more.

"The number one reason to have Engage Vehicle Portfolios from Velocity Automotive is that cars sell faster and give us remarkable insight when appraising," Allan said. "Without Velocity Automotive Vehicle Portfolios, a used car is just a used car."

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Rapid Recon and Velocity Automotive serve auto dealers' fixed and variable operations. They are part of Vehlo, a leading software solutions provider for customer pay, service lane opportunities, customer engagement, and vehicle reconditioning. For more information, visit and and