Vehicle Acquisition Network (VAN) Releases Latest eBook, An Invaluable Resource For Automotive Dealerships

8 March 2023

Over the last decade, the Vehicle Acquisition Network has revolutionized car dealers' vehicle acquisition processes across North America. To further help automotive dealers refine their operations for increased profits, a new eBook from VAN was recently released detailing five process principles based on extensive dealer feedback - ensuring dealerships have access to all necessary tools for successful acquisitions in this digital age.

Mark Curcio, VAN's Chief Operating Officer, expressed, "this invaluable resource can help dealerships achieve greater vehicle acquisitions, customer satisfaction and revenue growth by implementing key principles designed to optimize the private party seller experience."

Drawing on the latest insights into dealership operations, this VAN's eBook reveals five practical process principles that can give dealerships a significant edge. From boosting their customer experience to increased revenue, there are many strategic advantages to implementing these helpful guidelines, which result in greater success for dealerships.

Jen Poudrier, VAN's Sales Development Manager, has a wealth of expertise on the importance of having well-equipped resources to empower dealers from her previous role in a dealership as a Market Sales Coordinator. "In the world of used vehicle acquisition, knowledge is everything. That's why we've resources like the most recent eBook to give our clients the tools to succeed in a highly competitive market."

VANs 5 Process Principles eBook can be found on their website: