Vehicle Acquisition Network (VAN) Rebranding Suite of Solutions

10 April 2023

Vehicle Acquisition Network  the leading private party acquisition solution for automotive dealerships, has announced the rebranding of its suite of solutions to better reflect their capabilities and provide room for growth. The VAN suite of solutions now includes FUEL, CONVERSE, ENGAGE, and NAVIGATE.

VAN FUEL is the most advanced private seller inventory market scan software available, constantly monitoring a dealership's market area for predefined vehicles being offered for sale. FUEL updates from over 18 providers in the United States and Canada, providing a more comprehensive market view than any other provider. FUEL also removes salvage, dealer, and other undesirable vehicles before they ever make it to a dealership's results.

VAN CONVERSE is the only private party acquisition solution that provides in-application communication with private sellers. CONVERSE has all the most desirable communication features, including text messaging and click-to-call telephone connection capabilities, all within the vehicle details page, so users can reference all the vehicle information while conversing with private sellers.

VAN ENGAGE is a full-featured Seller Relationship Management system within the application. It allows dealerships to move past leads and begin developing relationships with consumers in their market. ENGAGE has follow-up and appointment setting features that can be planned into custom tasks, and it keeps track and provides reporting on contacts, offers, appraisals, and acquisitions, every step in the funnel.

VAN NAVIGATE pushes the envelope even further, with a Google Chrome Extension that enables dealers to work with the VAN solutions without leaving the listing provider page. NAVIGATE allows users to update notes, add seller information, and open a new tab to transfer to vAuto for appraisals, all without toggling back and forth between tabs. NAVIGATE rests on the sidebar of the browser tab until needed, providing efficiencies so that buyers and acquisition specialists can focus on the sellers. NAVIGATE also allows users to source vehicles in the locations they choose while retaining the efficiency and scalability of the FUEL platform.

The new rebranding better reflects the capabilities of the VAN suite of solutions and provides room for growth of each product independently and as a bundled solution in VAN's Professional and Accelerate tiers of service. VAN's commitment to innovation and providing the best solutions for automotive dealerships is now better aligned with the market.

"We are excited to announce our new product rebranding, which highlights the advanced capabilities of our suite of solutions," said Tom Gregg, CEO of VAN. "The rebranding provides room for growth and positions us as the leading private party acquisition solution in the industry. We look forward to continuing to innovate and provide the best solutions for our dealership partners."