Varex Launches XRD 3131N X-Ray Detector for High Throughput Electric Vehicle Battery Inspection

4 May 2023

Varex Imaging Corporation announced today the launch of its XRD 3131N digital X-ray detector, addressing the growing need for faster and more comprehensive inspection in high-paced Electric Vehicle (EV) battery manufacturing, strengthening our current portfolio for the EV battery inspection market.

XRD 3131N enables a rapid and more thorough inspection process

  • Engineered for high inspection throughput in 24/7 manufacturing cycles
  • Powers premium quality imaging across various inspection platforms
  • Flexible shielding options to withstand continuous high dose radiation

The XRD 3131N digital detector was developed in response to the need for faster inspection tools that deliver detailed information across 24/7 manufacturing cycles. With imaging at up to 150 frames per second and capturing images at 100 µm, the features of the XRD 3131N support the increased need for rapid in-line non-destructive testing. This is particularly critical in the electric vehicle battery market where the continued global adoption of EVs is pressuring battery manufacturers for increased production.

“The rapidly growing electric vehicle market has become increasingly more demanding on battery manufacturers,” said Sunny Sanyal, Chief Executive Officer of Varex. Sanyal added, “Our XRD 3131N digital detector addresses the needs of our customers to inspect these critical components in a growing and fast paced manufacturing environment.”

Increased throughput across various manufacturing platforms

The XRD 3131N digital detector provides EV battery manufacturers with an integral component to augment their efforts to comply with rigorous customer safety requirements. In addition, the detector supports manufacturers to pursue increased inspection quality levels and stringent safety requirements while continuing to meet high throughput demands. Overall, the XRD 3131N digital detector targets industry goals such as fewer faults and increased safety by facilitating detailed inline 3D-CT imaging across various manufacturing processes.

“The XRD 3131N, built on Varex Imaging’s decades of experience in Industrial and High-Dose imaging applications, is expected to become a work-horse detector capable of delivering high frame rates that enable in-line inspection of EV batteries and high-resolution imaging over a wide X-ray dose range to inspect complex parts,” said Jesse Merkley, VP & GM of Industrial Imaging. Merkley added “In addition to battery inspection, we are excited the XRD 3131N will expand our current portfolio for the 3D printed aerospace parts imaging market, supporting our customers need for inspection solutions that keep pace with the most advanced manufacturing requirements.”

To view a more detailed summary and specs of the XRD 3131N digital detector, please see our product data sheet on our website at