Touch Tomorrow: Jetour DASHING is officially launched in Saudi Arabia

15 February 2023

On February 13, Jetour DASHING was officially launched in Saudi Arabia. Proud of its pioneering and eye-catching appearance, and combined with innovative and humanized technologies, DASHING sets out to offer an unrivaled SUV experience to consumers around the world.
Jetour DASHING abandons the traditional family-oriented appearance, embraces a new cross-generational design language, and seamlessly integrates pioneering technology and mechanical aesthetics to meet the demands of a new generation of consumers seeking new technologies and unique experiences.

To meet the preference of different users, Jetour DASHING offers two different interior color combinations, with luxurious suede seats offering extreme comfort. Jetour DASHING has also created a healthy cabin to offer consumers a healthy and welcoming environment, and the extra-large space with a long wheelbase offers room for all kinds of travel demands, while allowing users to customize the 6/4 rear seat layout as desired.

Jetour DASHING is an improved version, easy to use and with state-of-the-art technologies, offering users an unrivaled driving experience, while supporting their safety from all dimensions. It is equipped with industry standard voice recognition, Bluetooth connection, remote start and other features considered to meet users' daily needs, making smart travel within everyone's reach.

As Jetour's first A-class SUV model, DASHING continues to deliver powerful and top-tier performance with its strong capabilities. It features a 1.6TD-7DCT power combination, achieving a maximum power output of up to 197kW and a maximum torque of up to 290hp/m, allowing users to change gears easily and providing an effortless experience for riders. speed enthusiasts.

Following the "Travel+" positioning, Jetour Auto is the fastest growing new SUV brand in China , which has entered more than 30 countries and regions around the world, amassing more than 660,000 users and nearly 23,000,000 fans during the last years.

As a premium model to be launched globally by Jetour Auto in 2023, DASHING, while inheriting the "Travel+" DNA of the Jetour brand, is another step forward to deliver excellent performance and great driving experience to meet the demands of journey of the new generation of consumers. It also creates an opportunity for consumers to experience the allure of traveling aboard the Jetour together with their families and friends. In the meantime, users can look forward to more exciting stories to unfold as the Jetour DASHING is officially launched abroad for the first time.