TIER IV and Tonox collaborate to advance production of white-label EV

29 June 2023

TIER IV, a leader in open-source autonomous driving technology, is thrilled to announce its partnership with Tonox, a Japanese manufacturer of specialized vehicles, to accelerate the production of white-label electric vehicles (EV) designed to be extensible with AD systems. This collaboration aims to lay the foundation for future mass production of AD-enabled EVs.

To realize the production of EVs equipped for AD and ensure efficient manufacturing processes, a reliable partner specializing in vehicle customization is essential.

Tonox, with its extensive experience in designing and manufacturing special-purpose vehicles for government agencies and various industries, has deep expertise in providing vehicle modifications, parts, electrical equipment outfitting, and technical capabilities to meet unique specifications. The site area of Tonox's manufacturing facility is 46,000 m2 and their annual production capacity is over 3,000 units. Tonox have the expertise to handle a wide range of vehicle types, from compact cars to buses and trucks, and have established advanced know-how in vehicle modification, installation of components and electrical equipment, and production capabilities.

Throughout this collaboration, Tonox will adhere to TIER IV's "L4 Custom Design Guidelines ", and serve as TIER IV's partner in charge of modifying white-label EVs by expanding their capabilities with drive-by-wire and redundancy systems at their factory in Hiratsuka City.

This collaboration marks the beginning of a partnership with the common goal of scaling out the production of AD-enabled EVs, and realizing their widespread implementation in Japan.

TIER IV remains committed to advancing the adoption and evolution of AD technology, with a firm dedication to contributing to this goal in collaboration with our partners.