The World's First Softail Full Suspension Step Thru Electric Bike Made its Debut

10 February 2023

After a long wait, the softail electric bike from Magicycle, which is named after a smart animal -Deer, was released on the product launch Livestream on Feb 1st, 2023, at 8:00 AM PST.
Yao, who was the host of the product launch Livestream, was hosting with all passion and love, and as expected, there came thousands of views from all over the world watching the Livestream, which is a great honor for the Magicycle team. During the Livestream, Magicycle picked up a lot of viewers as winners to have a variety of free ebike accessories. They even gave away a free Magicycle Deer to the lucky viewer. Congratulations to that lucky guy.

Without any doubt, Magicycle Deer was the highlight of this Livestream. It is an electric bike for adults that represents the technological breakthroughs of the Magicycle design team, making a few records in this ebike industry.
As a softail electric bike, Magicycle has produced Magicycle Deer to meet the needs of the growing electric bike industry. It is quite obvious that the model of softail electric bikes is getting more and more population, and they are especially suitable for those who are in need of an ebike of both comfort and performance. The full-suspension system on Deer is hydraulic, which means that the shock-absorbing capability is far better than those of regular ebike suspensions. Contributed by the excellent Magicycle design team, the Magicycle Deer softail ebike is capable of adjusting the distance between the frame and the ground. It can easily traverse varying degrees of rough terrain.

The full-suspension system is one of many parts that are worth mentioning. As the title shows, Magicycle Deer is the world's first softail step-thru electric bike on the market. At the moment, no other electric bike brand makes a softail step-thru electric bike other than Magicycle. The design of the seat post triangle structure makes the front triangle, the middle tube, the rear shock absorber, and the rear rocker arm much more sturdy and stable, ensuring the comprehensiveness of the entire shock absorbing system. For people who may be a little bit short to ride a softail electric bike, the step-thru version of the Magicycle Deer could be more friendly.

What makes this softail ebike more outstanding is that it also serves as an ebike suv. "Ebike suv" is a new term that is unfamiliar to most riders. It stands for a comprehensive ebike model that has all kinds of characteristics, including more comfort and power, longer range, large load capacity, etc. it is quite easy to see that the manufacturing of Magicycle Deer is inspired by real suv vehicles.

Magicycle Deer ebike suv comes with a motor that can reach an average power output of 750W and a maximum output of 1100W. Like a realoff-road suv vehicle, Magicycle Deer is able to ride off-road wildly with this powerful motor.

As an Ocelot Pro or a Cruiser Pro, which are products from Magicycle as well, Magicycle Deer is equipped with a 52V 20Ah battery. The 52V 20Ah battery is the reason why Magicycle can succeed in the ebike industry. 20 Ah battery capacity provides a long-range between 60-80 miles, which is long enough for riders to take a long trip. Everyone can enjoy a long ebike ride on Magicycle Deer. Moreover, the 52V voltage contributes to higher power efficiency.

As an ebike suv, Magicycle Deer is specially designed to carry stuff and cargo for traveling. Its rear rack is made to be longer and more sturdy, helping riders put more stuff on an ebike. The load capacity of the suv ebike is incredibly 400 lbs, enabling heavy riders to enjoy ebike rides as any other person.

To provide riders with smoother riding, the softail electric bike is equipped with hydraulic disc brakes. They enable riders to use only 2 fingers to apply brakes. The strong braking power makes it easy for riders of any level to handle the ebike safely. The handlebar of Magicycle Deer is specially designed to be in a butterfly shape, which is all for relieving the fatigue from riding for a long time.

Being the world's first softail step-thru electric bike and the first ebike suv in the US, Magicycle Deer has brought customers several surprises for riders from all over the globe. Now it is available at $2,699. By using the code FH300, you could get $300 off. Had better hurry up as it is a limited offer, come check out the link below: