TAILG to Unveil TLG Brand at EICMA 2023: A New Era in Electric Two-Wheeled Mobility

16 October 2023

As a global leader in electric two-wheeler transportation and mobility solutions, TAILG will unveil its new TLG brand and its expansion strategies at booth Q02 in Hall 22 at EICMA from 7-12 November, inviting enthusiasts worldwide to participate in the experience.

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Key highlights will include:

  • The world's top manufacturer of electric two-wheelers will announce a new brand strategy TLG for international markets.
  • TLG will debut its new visual identity (VI), underscoring a fusion of innovation and contemporary technological design.
  • A surprise guest and veteran test driver will be onsite to introduce the latest product line-up and share insights from recent test rides.
  • The inauguration and signing event for TLG's first European flagship store.
  • During the event, TAILG, a technology group boasting over two decades of R&D and manufacturing expertise in electric two-wheelers, will announces its entry into the European landscape with a comprehensive EV model range.

The TLG brand originates from TAILG, a pioneer in the electric two-wheeler sector. Dedicated to the core innovations of electric two-wheeler mobility, TAILG owns more than 1,000 patents, manages nine intelligent manufacturing facilities in China, and oversees an expansive network of over 30,000 shops worldwide. Their products can be found on the roads of more than 90 countries and regions, solidifying their leadership position in the global market.

Recently, TAILG announced the completion of a world record for the longest electric scooter ride, spanning 94 days and 31,516 kilometers (19,583.6 miles). In a strategic partnership with a Ghana-based company specialized in battery swapping systems, they are set to introduce an electric motorcycle dubbed 'Jidi', aiming to reduce rider costs by 30%.

Positioning themselves within the mid-to-premium segment, TLG has engineered a lineup of cutting-edge two-wheelers tailored to regional nuances, rider preferences and distinct market demographics. These offerings aim to furnish European riders with a superior, low-carbon and eco-conscious short-distance commuting experience. The entire range will be showcased at EICMA.

As a world trendsetter in the two-wheeler arena, it is crucial for TAILG to debut its new TLG brand at EICMA. The international market has seen exponential growth in recent years, especially in Europe, led by Germany, France, Italy and the Netherlands. Recognizing the momentum, TAILG opted to inaugurate the new brand's European flagship store in Switzerland, a hub for many of the world's prestigious brands. The move aims to anchor a robust foothold for the new brand in Europe, emphasizing the continent's vast market potential and paving the way for accelerated channel expansion.

The 400-square-meter flagship store, once completed, will be the premier European venue where enthusiasts can directly engage with newly launched TLG offering. "We welcome anyone interested in two-wheel mobility to join us at the booth or store and immerse themselves in the allure of our modern, youthful, and tech-savvy brand," said Li Kunfeng, Vice President of TAILG's overseas business.