Standard Motor Products Expands Oil Filter Housing Kit Program

13 March 2024

Standard Motor Products, Inc. (SMP) is pleased to share the expansion of its line of Oil Filter Housing Kits. Standard® Oil Filter Housing Kits feature design improvements over the OE units, are application-specific, not universal, and come completely assembled from the factory for a drop-in solution.

Original equipment oil filter housings, like those on the Pentastar 3.6L, are prone to failing and leaking oil from several problem areas. Standard® engineers study the failures of OE units and design improvements to address each of these known issues. For example, the core plugs on the back of the OE housing are installed without any seals or O-rings which leads to an oil leak. Standard® installs an O-ring on each core plug before ultrasonically welding them into the housing, creating a positive, long-lasting seal.

Pentastar oil filter housings can look similar, but there are distinct differences from year to year, including different oil pressure sensors, oil filters, flow rates and the lack of a temperature sensor on more recent applications. Standard® takes these differences into account in the design process, and engineers products that match the original for vehicle-specific, not universal, fit and performance. Most recently, Standard® introduced OFH111, a fifth Pentastar number, for the most current oil filter housing design, covering vehicles like the 2024-20 Jeep Grand Cherokee, 2024-19 RAM 1500 and others.

Standard® Oil Filter Housing Kits are completely factory assembled and include everything needed for a complete, correct installation. The oil filter and cap are an exact OE-match and already installed. All Standard® Oil Filter Housing Kits include the required oil pressure and temperature sensors, gaskets, seals, and hardware so the old, worn pieces don't need to be reused. Additionally, these modular oil filter housings don't just filter the oil, but they also cool it, so all Standard® Oil Filter Housings match the thermal characteristics of the original design to help keep the oil cool.

John Herc, Vice President Vehicle Control Marketing, SMP®, stated, "We are consistently adding to our Oil Filter Housing Kit program to meet the demands of technicians. We know that these are high-OE-failure components, and we're committed to providing a high-quality alternative with design improvements over the original."

All Standard® Oil Filter Housing Kits and related components are listed in the catalog found at and in electronic catalog providers.