SODA Lauches SDV Kit: Vehicle Creation 2x Faster, 4x Less Cost

7 March 2024

Today, SODA launched SDV Kit, marking a major milestone for the automotive industry. This is the world's first ready-to-use kit for Software Defined Vehicle creation.

SODA SDV Kit addresses the automakers critical demand for faster vehicle software engineering amidst shrinking budgets and traditional outsourcing to over 150 suppliers.

SDV Kit includes:

  • AI-powered tools to assist engineers from requirements to certification.
  • 200+ ready-to-use vehicle features with requirements, architecture, software and tests.
  • Electrical/Electronic (E/E) architecture with SODA-approved Electronic Control Unit (ECU).
  • Full range of vehicle and systems engineering services to support development needs.

SDV Kit empowers automotive innovators to develop vehicle software 2x faster, reducing the time-to-market for new vehicle models with 4x less cost, with no compromise on quality, safety, and security.

SDV Kit is made for:

  • Automotive Startups seeking to balance ambitious goals with moderate budgets.
  • Established Automakers aiming to embrace Software Defined Vehicle approach and streamline software engineering processes.
  • Bus Manufacturers needing to meet budget constraints and new regulatory standards.
  • Autonomous Vehicle companies looking for comprehensive development platforms.
  • Retrofitters enhancing user experiences with modern technology.
  • Motorsport teams requiring rapid development and integration of advanced AI-driven software.

As the Software Defined Vehicle (SDV) market is projected to reach a staggering $700 billion by 2034, SODA SDV Kit is the toolset in this gold rush, offering the 'shovels' needed for companies to 'mine' efficiently and effectively.

Beyond automakers, this innovation extends its benefits to the end-user; car buyers will enjoy faster releases of new models, seamless over-the-air updates and advanced vehicle features, turning cars into evolving living spaces on wheels.

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