SiAT Partners with CSAC to Launch CNT-Coated Aluminum Foil, Enhancing Battery Fast Charging and Longevity

12 March 2024

SiAT, a leading Taiwan manufacturer of advanced nanomaterials for batteries, is excited to announce a strategic partnership with Taiwan C.S. Aluminum Corporation (CSAC). This collaboration marks the introduction of carbon nanotube coated aluminum foil, designed to meet the growing demand for faster charging and extended lifespan in lithium-ion batteries, sodium batteries, and supercapacitors.

The new product leverages carbon nanotubes (CNTs), known for their conductivity—ten times greater than that of carbon black—as the carbon coating. This CNT coating not only protects the aluminum foil from corrosion but also strengthens the bond between the electrode materials and the current collector, resulting in a longer battery lifespan. Additionally, the CNT coating reduces interface contact resistance, which enhances discharge rates and overall battery performance.

SiAT has extensive experience and production capacity in the application of CNT nanomaterial dispersion. With well-dispersed nano conductive graphite and CNT-coated particles, SiAT ensures a uniform and precise coating on the aluminum foil, optimizing it for the surface treatment of battery conductive substrates.

CSAC is one of the few global manufacturers capable of developing and producing aluminum foil for batteries—from aluminum ingot alloys to the final product.

Through this partnership, SiAT now offers high-quality, high-strength CNT-coated aluminum foil. Additionally, SiAT can provide customization in foil thickness, coating patterns, and alloy content to meet specific customer requirements.

SiAT's commitment to innovation in battery technology is further demonstrated by the launch of CNT-coated aluminum foil. For more information, please contact [email protected] or [email protected].