Schneider adds more battery electric vehicles to its southern California fleet

11 August 2023

Schneider National Inc. (NYSE: SNDR), a leading provider of transportation, intermodal, and logistics services, has announced its adoption of two Lonestar Specialty Vehicles battery electric terminal tractors, showcasing the company's commitment to reducing carbon emissions and expanding its electric fleet, which now totals 94 vehicles.

These Lonestar S22 terminal electric tractors, commonly referred to as yard spotters, serve the purpose of moving trailers at Schneider's Rancho Cucamonga, CA cross dock. These electric tractors have replaced two diesel units in use.

Notably, each tractor boasts a 24-hour runtime before requiring recharging, with a full charge taking approximately an hour and a half.

Schneider's Vice President of Equipment Engineering, Jake VandeLoo, emphasized the significance of incorporating these tractors as a substantial stride toward operating a fleet of zero-emission vehicles at a significant scale. This addition aligns with Schneider's overarching efforts to diminish their carbon footprint.

The introduction of these new tractors is projected to result in a reduction of around 35 tons of CO2 emissions per truck annually.

Jay Simmons, President of Lonestar, noted the ease of transitioning to an electrified fleet with terminal tractors, as they are typically limited to yard operations or short shuttles. Charging during breaks and shift changes in the yard eliminates concerns like "range anxiety" and other infrastructure complexities associated with over-the-road vehicles. Simmons commended Schneider's deployment in California, recognizing the company's impressive strides and expressing enthusiasm for being a part of their journey towards achieving sustainability objectives.

Collaborating with Lonestar stands as a pivotal investment for Schneider, reinforcing their long-term sustainability objectives and bolstering the expansion of their electric fleet. With one of the largest electric fleets in North America, Schneider aims to positively impact the industry and the environment.

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