Samyang Corporation Develops High Transmittance Polycarbonate for Daytime Running Lights of Automobiles

11 April 2023

Samyang Corporation, a leader in the Korean market for polycarbonate used in automobile headlamps, aims to expand its presence in the global market by developing high-permeability polycarbonate for Daytime Running Lights (DRLs).

Samyang Corporation, a chemical and food subsidiary of Samyang Group (CEO Kang Ho-sung), announced on 10 that it has developed high-transmittance polycarbonate (PC) for Daytime Running Lights (DRL) of automobiles.

Daytime running lights are lamps that automatically turn on when the car is started, helping to identify other pedestrians and drivers, thereby reducing the risk of traffic accidents. Bright and uniform lighting is essential for good visibility during the day, and the material must be resistant to impacts and heat.

Isosorbide,* an eco-friendly white biomaterial developed by Samyang Corporation, is applied to its high transmittance polycarbonate to improve light transmittance. It has superior light transmittance and a low level of yellowness compared to conventional polycarbonate. In addition, it has excellent heat resistance and stability, so there is little yellowing even after long-term use, surpassing imported polycarbonate. The product received the New Excellent Technology (NET) certification from the Korean Agency for Technology and Standards in December of last year, acknowledging its technological capabilities.

High-transmittance polycarbonate is being increasingly used worldwide due to the mandatory legislation of daytime running lights and factors such as branding identity and design in automotive companies. Samyang Corporation, the leading company of Korea in the automobile headlamp polycarbonate market, plans to expand its position in the global market by its newly developed high-transmittance polycarbonate.

This product is currently undergoing testing by domestic and foreign auto parts makers, and some companies are in the final stages of testing so that mass production as early as in the first half of this year is expected. Besides the daytime running lights of automobiles, the application of High Transmittance Polycarbonate is expected to be widened to various other interior and exterior components of automobiles, for example, a start button.

Samyang Corporation's CEO Ho-sung Kang said, "Recently, the application of high-transmittance polycarbonate to both interior and exterior components of automobiles has been increasing worldwide." He added, "With the development of a new eco-friendly material having excellent light transmittance and long-term heat resistance, Samyang Corporation expects to expand its influence in the global automotive headlamp material market.


A material developed by chemically processing starch extracted from plant biomass such as corn. Isosorbide is used as a replacement of conventional petroleum-based chemicals in the production of coatings and plastics. In 2022, the Samyang Group achieved world's second commercial mass production of Isosorbide, which is currently produced at Samyang Innochem.

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