QUANTRON and Ballard Power Systems introduce fuel cell powered trucks ready for delivery

4 September 2023

The partnership between Ballard Power Systems, a global leader in fuel cell technology, and Quantron AG, a specialist in sustainable passenger and freight transportation, is advancing to the next phase. Since announcing their strategic cooperation in September 2021, the two companies have achieved significant milestones. They have jointly introduced industry-leading developments, including the delivery of their first fuel cell electric vehicles, which combine QUANTRON's vehicle engineering expertise with Ballard's advanced fuel cell technology.

At the core of this Canadian-German partnership is the integration of Ballard's high-performance FCmove™ fuel cell modules into QUANTRON vehicles. These vehicles include the 44-ton QUANTRON QHM FCEV heavy-duty truck, the current European range champion with 54 KG H2 at 700 bar, and the QUANTRON QLI FCEV light truck. Both of these zero-emission vehicles offer considerably longer ranges and shorter refueling times compared to battery electric models. Notably, QUANTRON has intelligently designed its vehicles to fully integrate all fuel cell components into the frame structure, allowing for standard bodybuilder build-up structures similar to their diesel counterparts without compromising trailer length or payload.

The QUANTRON QHM FCEV made its debut at the IAA Transportation 2022 trade fair and received an enthusiastic response. Media outlets, including the German newspaper Der Tagesspiegel, described the achievement as "David is faster than Goliath," highlighting how strategic partnerships between expert companies in their respective fields can lead to significant advancements.

Tim Sautter, Team Lead Q-Light & Corporate PM, expressed pride in the milestone achieved with Ballard, noting that the collaboration between engineering teams in Augsburg (Bavaria) and Vancouver (Canada) was exceptional. They shortened the overall process from feasibility study to delivery to just 18 months, putting the QUANTRON QLI FCEV on the road and into customers' hands in record time, resulting in a superior product optimized for individual vehicles based on customer use-cases.

Randy MacEwen, CEO of Ballard Power Systems, emphasized the excitement surrounding the expansion of the partnership into the light-duty vehicle segment, particularly for last-mile transport. He highlighted the combination of QUANTRON and Ballard's technical strengths and market expertise, with a commitment to accelerating the adoption of hydrogen mobility in the freight sector by offering high-performing fuel cell engines.

Hydrogen as a source of clean energy has gained importance, especially in the commercial vehicle sector. Ballard has become one of the founding members of the Clean Transportation Alliance, initiated by QUANTRON, which aims to establish zero-emission transport solutions with a focus on the hydrogen value chain. Ballard's continued involvement in the alliance is expected to drive the adoption of fuel cell systems in next-generation transport solutions.