Pioneer Power Receives $5 Million Order from Major U.S. Metro Transit Authority for EV Bus Charging at Multiple Sites

11 June 2024

Pioneer Power Solutions, Inc. a leader in the design, manufacture, service and integration of electrical power systems, distributed energy resources, power generation equipment and mobile electric vehicle charging solutions, today announced that it has received an order valued over $5 million for its e-Boost mobile electric vehicle charging solutions from a major U.S. metro transit authority.

With this order and its current backlog, the Pioneer eMobility business unit is expected to surpass the 2024 guidance of $10 million in revenue of mobile off-grid EV charging solutions in 2024. The Company expects to deliver and commission this specific order in the fourth quarter of 2024.

Serving one of the largest metro cities in the U.S., the Transit Authority is led by visionary city leadership that is on a mission to decarbonize and sustainably electrify its fleet of transit buses by 2028. Pioneer eMobility was selected and awarded the contract based on several critical criteria including sustainability, product mobility, experience, power delivery capacity, product lead time, design optimization and consultative solution. The contract includes the purchase, installation, and maintenance of four e-Boost Mobile units in two transit depot locations to enable EV charging of the Transit Authority’s first 24 EV buses.

These e-Boost Mobile units, each with 240kW of onboard power, will be delivered with six offboard mobile EV chargers on connected skids. The units are designed with the flexibility to relocate transit depot operations to a secondary, safety site during natural disaster events including wildfires or flooding. Pioneer’s robust off-grid, mobile design offers the Transit Authority 8.4MWh of onboard energy at each site for EV charging during normal operations and the assurance of continuous operation during unexpected weather-related events or grid congestion at a remote location.

“By providing advanced high-capacity mobile EV charging solutions that balance sustainability, economy and practicality, we are supporting environmentally progressive cities as they adopt and acquire EV transit buses and help to secure the health and safety of the local citizens and bus operators,” said Geo Murickan, President of Pioneer eMobility."

This order also marks one of the first e-Boost units to be purchased through Sourcewell, a national, nonprofit service cooperative that serves as a bridge between government, education, and nonprofit agencies and suppliers that offer qualified products and solutions. The e-Boost product line is now available to all municipal and government agencies on Sourcewell through its alliance partner INF Associates Energy Solutions, based in New York and operating throughout the U.S.

"The notable size of this order, coupled with our visibility on additional sizable orders in the sales pipeline, clearly demonstrates the traction Pioneer is achieving for our e-Boost product line," added Nathan Mazurek, CEO and Chairman of Pioneer. "Transit bus and transportation electrification has been one of the top priorities and challenges in the last few years, and this project further validates how robust and expansive the e-Boost solution is nationwide. This will be the second transit depot to be powered up by e-Boost in 2024 and underscores the broader future for e-Boost within the transit industry in the U.S."

The timeline for this project, from approval to funding to execution, is extremely short and one of the main reasons e-Boost was selected. Pioneer eMobility maintains all critical components with long lead times in inventory, which has allowed for the fastest lead time for product deployment in the market. This provides e-Boost with a clear market edge and makes Pioneer a reliable partner for customers with critical grid gap challenges.