Partners for a Zero Emission Vehicle Future Applauds Maryland Clean Truck Act

24 April 2023

As states continue to pursue air quality and climate goals, the Partners for a Zero Emission Vehicle Future (PZEVF) applauds the holistic approach taken today by the Maryland Clean Trucks Act, which incorporates a thorough needs assessment into its adoption and implementation of California's ACT regulation.

"We support Maryland's efforts to pursue its environmental goals and believe the Clean Trucks Act will be a meaningful step towards achieving them," said a statement from the coalition, which represents fleets, owners, operators, environmental interests, truck manufacturers and other transportation stakeholders. "This legislation rightly recognizes that the deployment of zero emission vehicles and their fueling system need to be considered together. By linking these critical elements of the ZEV transition, Maryland will provide our members confidence in their ability to invest for our zero-emission future."

California's ACT regulation requires truck manufacturers to sell zero-emission trucks at an increasing percentage of their annual sales from 2024 to 2035. The Maryland Clean Trucks Act adopts the ACT regulation effective beginning with the 2027 model year and preceded by amendments which will support the overall marketplace in the shift to zero-emission vehicles.

Under the Maryland Clean Trucks Act, the Maryland Department of Environment (DOE) must examine key factors to ZEV deployment, including electrical capacity, transmission distribution, grid and hydrogen infrastructure, recharging and refueling station needs and considerations, economic feasibility, and the role of incentives for vehicles and infrastructure including funding sources. Findings will be presented to the General Assembly by December 1, 2024 and Maryland would have the authority to delay ACT implementation if it determines it is infeasible to proceed.

"We believe the Maryland Clean Trucks Act provides a model for states to think about all aspects of the transition to ZEVs and ensure the marketplace is ready to accelerate the shift," added the coalition. "We look forward to working with Maryland and other states as they seek to establish a sustainable marketplace for ZEV trucks."