Parade Introduces PCIe5 Linear Redriver/2x2 Cross Switch Solutions

31 August 2023

Parade Technologies, Ltd. (Taiwan OTC: 4966.TWO), a prominent supplier of high-speed interface, video display, and touch controller ICs, has introduced the PS8580/PS8580V/PS8581 PCIe5 32Gbps linear redriver/2x2 cross switch family. This family encompasses PS8580 and PS8580V, which integrate a quad-channel unidirectional linear redriver with a 2x2 cross switch, while PS8581 features a linear redriver only. The PS8580/PS8581 models are designed for applications in notebook/desktop PCs, servers/data centers, and industrial environments, while the PS8580V variant complies with automotive AEC-Q100 grade 2 requirements. Multiple PS858x devices cater to x4, x8, or x16 bidirectional links, adhering to the PCIe5 specification.

A standout feature of the PS858x family is its remarkably low active power consumption, clocking in at approximately 72mW/channel for 32Gbps operations, coupled with the industry's smallest package and footprint. The inclusion of L1PM power management ensures an ultra-low standby power in the sub-mW range. These power-efficient attributes not only facilitate the implementation of high-speed systems but also substantially prolong the battery life of mobile devices.

The PS8580 and PS8580V models boast a 2x2 cross switch, enabling various connection topologies. This versatility supports scenarios such as two RCs (Root Complex) sharing one EP (End Point), two EPs with one RC, or two RCs with two EPs. This capability empowers OEMs to deploy high-performance PCIe5 interconnect, storage, and graphics systems. An illustrative example could be a gaming PC motherboard with dual graphics slots (two EPs) sharing a PCIe5 bus from the CPU (one RC).

Jimmy Chiu, Executive VP of Marketing at Parade Technologies, affirms the family's distinction in offering the industry's lowest operation power for PCIe5 linear redriver/switch technology. He emphasizes that OEMs can now enable PCIe5 32Gbps support for power-sensitive mobile devices, servers, and automotive designs. Additionally, the incorporation of the 2x2 crossbar switch enhances flexibility in configuring interconnects for high-performance systems.