Panasonic Energy Forges Partnership with Wagner Logistics

28 February 2024

Wagner Logistics, a leading provider of supply chain solutions, announces that it has been awarded a significant warehousing contract to support Panasonic Energy's manufacturing facility in De Soto, Kan., which is set to open in spring 2025 to produce lithium-ion batteries for electric vehicles around the world. The plant will increase Panasonic Energy's global capacity, and this collaboration with Wagner Logistics fortifies their warehouse and logistic operations, indicating even more employment opportunities for the Kansas City area and future expansion for Wagner Logistics.

"We are honored to be selected as the warehousing partner for Panasonic Energy. It's a great opportunity for Wagner and a great thing for Kansas City," says Brian Smith, chief executive officer, Wagner Logistics. "This contract represents a testament to our expertise in providing tailored supply chain solutions and our dedication to exceeding customer expectations. We look forward to leveraging our capabilities to support Panasonic Energy's manufacturing operations and strengthen our collaborative partnership."

Under the terms of the agreement, Wagner Logistics will provide comprehensive, tailored warehousing services, state of the market technology and automation, encompassing storage, inventory management and distribution. This strategic partnership will not only streamline Panasonic Energy's supply chain operations but also create approximately 30 warehousing job opportunities in the local community, contributing to economic growth and development.

"The Panasonic Energy team is excited to work with Wagner. From day one, they rolled up their sleeves and came ready to work, and that's what we need in a partner. Wagner is set up well to work with us in Kansas City and their national footprint gives us options to expand with them in the future," explains Robert Winans, vice president of supply chain, Panasonic.

This collaboration underscores Wagner Logistics' 78-year-long commitment to fostering local job creation and economic development both in Kansas City and its warehouses and distribution centers in strategic U.S. locations.

Smith states, "Through innovation, efficiency and our unrivaled customer-centric solutions, Wagner Logistics is poised to help drive sustained economic development in Kansas City and support Panasonic Energy's success in the dynamic manufacturing landscape as they step toward a net-zero emissions future."