OPW Retail Fueling Launches 14HC High-Flow Diesel-Capture Nozzle

27 January 2023

OPW Retail Fueling, part of Dover and a global leader in fluid-handling solutions, announced that it has launched its new 14HC Series High-Flow Diesel-Capture Nozzle, ideal for high-flow diesel applications found at truck stops and high-volume convenience store truck lanes.

The 14HC nozzle is part of OPW's 14 Series of Clean Fueling Nozzles and is UL and ULc approved for use with diesel blends up to B20. The new nozzle has been designed to deliver a cleaner, greener fueling experience in the forecourt.

"Whether it's a family-owned gas station, convenience store or truck stop pumping a million gallons of diesel a month, retail fueling site owners want to provide a clean, positive fueling experience for their customers. The 14 series nozzle has provided this experience for the past few years through its innovative dripless spouts for gasoline and fuel re-capture technology for diesel nozzles. We have now introduced that proven technology to our HiFlo diesel nozzles designed specifically for high-speed diesel dispensers found on truck lanes," said Ed Kammerer, Director of Global Product Management for OPW Retail Fueling. "The design of the 14HC nozzle can create high flow rates while protecting the user and forecourt from fuel drippage during and after the refueling process."

The enhancement that distinguishes the 14HC nozzles from the competition is its patented diesel-capture chamber. The diesel-capture technology enables any excess fuel to be drained back into the diesel-capture chamber when the nozzle is returned to the dispenser cradle. The result is a cleaner fueling process that protects the nozzle, dispenser, forecourt surface and drivers from fuel drippage and diesel residue.

Standard features of the 14HC nozzles include a 1" inlet and spout for maximum flow rate on high-speed dispensers, a FlowLock™ that allows the nozzle to shut off should it fall out of the vehicle or is tipped up; a Precise Flow Control actuator; a Duratuff® lever guard that won't scratch vehicles; a two-piece NEWGARD™ hand insulator, the most comfortable hand insulator in the industry; and a one-finger, hold-open clip that makes it easy to set the desired flow rate.

For more information on OPW Retail Fueling products and expertise, please visit opwglobal.com/opw-retail-fueling.