NOVOSENSE automotive-qualified CAN transceiver improves the smart control of vehicles

3 March 2023

As the control of each system in the vehicle becomes more intelligent and automated, the vehicle's electrical system is also becoming more complex. Data exchange is required between different functional systems of the vehicle. Traditional point-to-point data exchange can result in complicated cabling and a high failure rate. Therefore, vehicle manufacturers have defined various standards for vehicle buses to reduce the complexity of the wiring harness network, the failure rate of the electronic systems, and the cost of the vehicle. Among them, CAN bus is the most widely used.

In contrast to conventional vehicles, the new energy vehicles drive with electric drives. The switching of high-power devices causes large voltage and current fluctuations during charging and discharging, which is likely to cause serious EMC problems and impose high EMC performance requirements on bus interface chips, which are widely used in vehicles. In addition to the chip design, complementing and perfecting the peripheral circuits in the system is also very important for better EMC performance.

Due to the high common mode resistance and low differential resistance of the common mode inductor, placing the common mode inductor close to the transceiver bus (frame C, recommended value: 100uH) can effectively filter out the high-frequency noise outside the bus and the common mode noise generated by the CAN transceiver due to signal asymmetry , without impairing the transmission quality of the CAN differential signal. Therefore, it can improve the anti-interference ability of the system and reduce the EMI of the system.

Presentation of the NOVOSENSE CAN transceiver

As a leader in analog and mixed-signal ICs, NOVOSENSE Microelectronics offers the automotive-qualified CAN transceiver NCA1042x-Q1/NCA1051x-Q1, which has received the German C&S conformity report. With the features of high transfer rate and high stability, low power consumption and wide I/O voltage range, the NCA1042x-Q1/NCA1051x-Q1 is pin-to-pin compatible with many chips on the market, enabling designers to Test NOVOSENSE chips without changing your current board design.


Samples of the NCA1042x-Q1/NCA1051x-Q1 chip series are available now. For application examples or orders please call 0086-0512-62601802 or email . For more information, please visit .