New Bestop® Skyrider™ Retractable Top for Four Door Ford Bronco Creates Open Air Access for Front and Back-Seat Occupants

12 April 2023

Bestop® is introducing its all-new SkyriderTM retractable top that supports the four door Ford Bronco hardtop. Bestop® is excited for Bronco customers to try its latest product as the leading manufacturer of premium soft tops and automotive accessories.

Bestop's new Skyrider has a large dual-row opening that gives both front and back-seat passengers access to open air when folded back. The unique Skyrider design replaces the factory top panels to add even more character to one of the most popular 4x4s on the market.

"The new Skyrider complements the Ford Bronco while giving passengers in both rows access to open air for a more enjoyable ride." said Scott Baird, vice president of sales and marketing at Bestop.

Using the Skyrider is simple. The innovative three-panel top unlatches from the front. Once the two folding front panels are removed, the top slides back easily from outside the Bronco to create an expanded open-air experience.

For ease of operation, the slide mechanism of the Skyrider is enhanced with a cam profile gas assist side bow mechanism that makes opening the top smooth and easy.

"Bestop is introducing yet another unique product for the Ford Bronco that upgrades both the style and functionality of this popular 4x4," said Baird.

The Skyrider from Bestop is made from premium black twill fabric that carries a lifetime warranty or black diamond poly-cotton vinyl with five-year warranty protection. The sturdy construction and durable materials used in the Skyrider stand up to year-round and all-weather use.

Customers can purchase this product on our website ( and at participating retailers.