Neusoft Obtains ISO/SAE 21434 Automotive Cybersecurity Management System Certification

16 September 2023

Neusoft Corporation (Neusoft, SSE:600718) has recently achieved ISO/SAE 21434 Automotive Cybersecurity Management System certification, marking another significant international standard recognition for the company. This achievement follows their previous certifications in A-SPICE (V3.1) CL3 evaluation, TISAX AL3 certification, and dual certification of ISO 26262 management system and product.

ISO/SAE 21434, a collaborative development by ISO and SAE, is the world's first international standard designed for cybersecurity management in the automotive sector. It outlines engineering requirements for managing cybersecurity risks throughout various stages of a product's lifecycle. This standard is crucial for ensuring the security of intelligent connected vehicles by enforcing cybersecurity processes.

Neusoft, as a vital innovation partner in the age of software-defined vehicles, has concentrated on research and innovation in automotive electronics technology and products. The company has placed significant importance on establishing robust automotive cybersecurity systems. Neusoft has implemented comprehensive automotive cybersecurity management processes, covering security throughout the entire lifecycle of intelligent connected vehicles. Moving forward, Neusoft aims to build an even more resilient cybersecurity defense system to support global partners in the intelligent automotive industry chain.