Mitsubishi Electric Selects BlackBerry to Power its New In-Vehicle System

27 September 2023

Mitsubishi Electric and BlackBerry have joined forces to integrate BlackBerry's IVY platform into Mitsubishi Electric's new automotive in-cabin system, known as Mitsubishi Electric FLEXConnect™. This collaboration aims to enhance road safety by utilizing data from various sensors to anticipate safety risks, minimize driver distractions, identify potential driving hazards, and introduce new user experiences within the vehicle.

The core of the Mitsubishi Electric FLEXConnect™ platform incorporates a driver monitoring system (DMS) and occupant monitoring system (OMS). By incorporating BlackBerry IVY into this platform, Mitsubishi Electric can effectively gather and analyze data from both internal and external vehicle sensors. BlackBerry IVY utilizes machine learning to process the collected data directly at the vehicle's edge computing node in real-time, thereby enabling a range of advanced safety and user experience features.

This collaboration demonstrates how technology partnerships between automotive and tech companies can drive innovation in the automotive industry, ultimately leading to improved road safety and a more engaging driving experience.