Mimik Technology and BlackBerry Collaborate to Accelerate Software-Defined Vehicles

15 August 2023

mimik Technology Inc. has announced a collaboration with BlackBerry to enhance its secure and scalable platform aimed at transforming every vehicle feature into a function-as-a-service, catering to the growing demands of automakers for Software Defined Vehicles (SDV).

The collaboration combines BlackBerry's secure and safety-certified QNX Neutrino Real-Time Operating System (RTOS), a trusted foundation for automakers, with mimik's patented Hybrid Edge Cloud (HEC) platform. This collaboration aims to provide an integrated solution that optimizes performance, scalability, and security while reducing the total cost of ownership for embedded automotive software developers.

Marelli, a global tier 1 company focusing on cloud solutions, will integrate the technologies of both companies into an advanced software platform it is developing. This collaboration builds on the existing partnership between BlackBerry and Marelli, who have collaborated on various production programs over a seven-year relationship, including digital clusters, cockpit domain controllers, and in-car audio.

By improving data privacy and security, reducing latency, and enabling context-aware, adaptive services, the combined mimik HEC platform and BlackBerry's technology have the potential to bring about innovative use cases for connected vehicles. These include hyper-personalization, real-time decision-making, usage-based insurance, and predictive maintenance, making SDVs smarter, safer, more efficient, and user-friendly.

Grant Courville, Vice President of Products and Strategy at BlackBerry QNX, expressed excitement about the collaboration, highlighting how it will help accelerate the Software Defined Vehicle strategies of companies like Marelli. Nate Sladek, VP ELS Strategy and Product Management at Marelli, emphasized that the collaboration leverages their expertise and track record in operating system design, hybrid edge cloud technology, and automotive embedded software to create a differentiated SDV experience.