Meyers Manx Introduces the Resorter NEV: A Modern Take on a Beloved Classic

19 August 2023

Meyers Manx, renowned for creating the original fiberglass dune buggy, proudly introduces its latest innovation, the Resorter Neighborhood Electric Vehicle (NEV), unveiled at 'The Quail, A Motorsports Gathering.

Inspired by its rich legacy, the Manx Resorter NEV offers genuine four-passenger capacity. Its power stems from a twin-motor electric drivetrain and cutting-edge lithium batteries, delivering remarkable torque, range, and acceleration. This NEV breaks the mold by focusing on driving dynamics and aims to provide a joyful experience for the entire family. Specifically designed for local exploration and limited by NEV regulations to a maximum speed of 25mph, the vehicle stands unrivaled in its market segment.

Phillip Sarofim, Chairman of Meyers Manx, stated, “With the Resorter NEV, we are taking the segment to new heights by introducing an exceptional, well-engineered vehicle that carries the timeless Meyers Manx aesthetic.”

Freeman Thomas, CEO of Meyers Manx, added, “This launch marks a significant chapter in our company's journey. Our fusion of premium design, craftsmanship, and a commitment to encouraging exploration of one's environment sets Meyers Manx apart from the rest.”

The development of the Resorter NEV paralleled that of the Meyers Manx 2.0 Electric Vehicle. The Manx 2.0 underwent rigorous testing in Baja California, embodying the company's offroad legacy. Sharing essential components with the 2.0, the Resorter NEV is adept at exploring expansive ranches and coastal communities, embodying the vehicle's intended versatility.

Hinrich J. Woebcken, board member of Meyers Manx and former CEO of Volkswagen Group of America, remarked, "As this iconic automotive brand experiences a renaissance, I am deeply involved in engineering and industrialization to ensure a quality customer experience."

About Meyers Manx:

Meyers Manx is the original manufacturer of fiberglass dune buggy kits, established by Bruce Meyers and now owned by Phillip Sarofim’s Trousdale Ventures. In the 1960s, Bruce Meyers envisioned fun when he crafted the first-ever fiberglass body dune buggy. Now, more than 50 years later, Phillip Sarofim has continued the legacy, spreading the concept of “More Smiles Per Mile” on four wheels worldwide.

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