Marelli at CES 2024 Technology Preview: Intelligent Social Display

21 December 2023

Marelli, a leading mobility technology supplier to the automotive sector, will present its Intelligent Social Display messaging feature, designed to support vehicle-to-x communication, at CES 2024. Marelli will showcase its latest technologies, under the theme "Design-Led Innovation," in Las Vegas, NV, January 9-11, 2024, at the Wynn Hotel, Latour Ballroom 5-6.  

Marelli's Intelligent Social Display provides new opportunities for illumination and communication via light, on and around the vehicle. The company is in series production with two Chinese automakers with mid-resolution displays integrated into the vehicle front. For integration within the rear lamp or trunk surface, a second generation of high-resolution displays based on mini-LED technology is in development and can also achieve homologated lighting functions.

The Intelligent Social Display can indicate when the car is in autonomous mode, signal driver intent, and communicate to pedestrians with messages such as "safe to cross" when approaching an intersection or crosswalk.

There are many integration options available with the Intelligent Social Display. In China, OEMs are integrating the displays into the front and side of the vehicle, offering on-demand functionality and customized patterns for safety and socializing. Use cases for integration in the rear include using symbols to convey environmental scenarios such as a traffic jam, accident ahead, or unsafe driving conditions. A "thank you" message could be shared after a vehicle has been allowed to pass or merge into traffic.