Lynx Motors Announces a Global Partnership with Fast Lane Drive

24 May 2024

Lynx Motors is delighted to announce a new two-year global corporate sponsorship agreement with Fast Lane Drive, an exclusive, members-only supercar club. This strategic partnership aims for Lynx Motors and Fast Lane Drive to collaborate and engage car enthusiasts who share their passions worldwide. This partnership marks an exciting chapter for both Lynx Motors and Fast Lane Drive, promising new opportunities and experiences for elite supercar enthusiasts around the world.

Fast Lane Drive, founded in 2018 by Clement Connor, began as a casual gathering of friends and has grown into a prestigious club with 14 chapters and hundreds of members globally. The club is known for its impressive roster of supercars and its unique events that combine networking, philanthropy, and a passion for cars.

"Lynx Motors views this partnership as a natural fit, given that Fast Lane Drive's members are our exact demographic and our kind of car people," said Chief Marketing Officer, Melissa Coffey. "The exposure, reach, and the elite circles that Fast Lane Drive connects us with are invaluable to our growing brand."

Fast Lane Drive is celebrated for its dedication to creating memorable experiences for its members, from scenic drives and rallies to exclusive yacht events, private estate gatherings, charity galas, and track days. The club's core values of passion, community, networking, charity, travel, and exclusivity align perfectly with Lynx Motors' commitment to excellence and innovation in the automotive world.

Fast Lane Drive Founder, Clement Connor, expressed excitement about the partnership, stating, "This collaboration with Lynx Motors represents a thrilling chance to enrich the experiences and opportunities for our members globally. We look forward to combining Lynx Motors' innovative automotive expertise with our passion for exclusive, exhilarating events, ensuring our members continue to enjoy unparalleled access to the world of luxury supercars.”