Luminar Achieves Critical Production Milestone for Volvo Cars Program

7 October 2023

Luminar Technologies, a prominent global automotive company, has achieved a significant milestone in advancing the safety and intelligence of vehicles. The company has successfully completed its initial major production test, known as Run at Rate, for Volvo Cars at its highly automated manufacturing facility in Monterrey, Mexico. This achievement is a critical prerequisite for automakers before commencing production and paves the way for the launch of the Volvo EX90, which will feature Luminar's technology as standard equipment on every vehicle.

The Run at Rate test rigorously assessed Luminar's ability to manufacture its LiDAR sensors on its highly automated production line in Mexico, meeting demanding criteria for production rates, quality, reliability, and performance. The successful completion of this test for Volvo Cars demonstrates Luminar's capability to achieve scalability and underscores its unwavering commitment to the highest automotive safety standards.

Kevin Hinge, EVP of Supply Chain and Manufacturing at Luminar, highlighted the importance of passing Volvo Cars' Run at Rate, seeing it as a pivotal moment for Luminar to drive widespread adoption of its technology. He emphasized Luminar's solid foundation in technology and supply chain, built from the semiconductor level upward, which is now proving immensely valuable during the scaling-up of production.

Javier Varela, Volvo Cars’ Chief Operating Officer and Deputy CEO, emphasized the significance of Luminar's achievement in realizing Volvo's vision of elevating safety with the Volvo EX90. He commended Luminar for passing the Run at Rate milestone, marking a significant step toward delivering this technology to customers worldwide.

Earlier in the month, the Volvo team successfully installed Luminar's high-performance LiDAR on a Volvo EX90 manufactured at their Charleston plant, marking another crucial milestone on the path to production for Volvo Cars.