Kinaxis Drives Digital Transformation for Premium Automotive Brand

6 October 2023

Kinaxis, the global leader in supply chain management, is introducing its patented concurrency technique to Volvo Cars, ushering the Swedish automaker's supply chain operations into a new era characterized by safety, innovation, and electrification. The Kinaxis RapidResponse® platform will equip Volvo Cars' supply chain professionals to make quicker and more precise decisions, even as the automotive industry grapples with ongoing uncertainties.

With a track record of trust among top automotive brands, Kinaxis possesses a deep understanding of the unique challenges facing the industry. The global transition to electric vehicles (EVs) currently dominates the industry's attention, as companies must strike a balance between EV adoption and compliance with regional sustainability regulations. Comprehensive visibility across the entire supply chain is vital for automotive organizations to comprehend customer demand, optimize resource allocation, and minimize waste.

Claire Rychlewski, Executive Vice President of Global Field Sales at Kinaxis, expressed pride in collaborating with industry leaders like Volvo Cars and contributing to their mission of creating safe, innovative vehicles that align with environmental objectives. Rychlewski added, "We're excited to work together to help them maintain their commitment to delivering a premium customer experience."