JLR Selects Alkegen to Bring Advanced Thermal Protection to Their Next Generation Battery Systems

18 April 2024

Alkegen, a high-performance specialty materials company pioneering innovative solutions for the battery industry, announced today that JLR has selected Alkegen’s new range of anti-thermal propagation products to bring the ultimate in thermal protection to JLR’s next generation electric vehicles.

The new product line introduces a range of flexible advanced solutions that provide multiple levels of protection throughout the battery. The versatility of these products allows for seamless integration into diverse applications within battery design, showcasing its adaptability across different electric vehicle models.

"We are delighted to partner with JLR in championing its ambitious Reimagine strategy and our shared goal to create a more sustainable world,” said Alkegen’s Battery Group President Gaetan Borgers. “We look forward to collaborating with both JLR and its tiered suppliers to deliver both superior thermal protection and unmatched flexibility to its product design.”

Alkegen is set to play a vital role in supporting JLR's design process and assisting in material selection for anti-thermal propagation management within the battery pack. Production for the new product line will begin ramping up with immediate effect, aligning with the timeline for integration into JLR's future EV programs.

Alkegen has provided thermal management, sustainability and driver safety solutions to major car OEMs for decades. Alkegen continues to build a broad portfolio of battery material technologies to improve lithium-based battery pack safety while helping to extend battery life and accelerate charging time. To learn more about Alkegen’s recent innovations in the EV battery market, visit www.alkegen.com/battery.