Jereh Enviro Releases Complete Equipment at Li-ion Battery Recycling High-End Equipment Forum

21 November 2023

Jereh Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. a leading global environment management company, released its newly developed Lithium-ion Battery Recycling Complete Equipment at Li-ion Battery Recycling High-End Equipment Forum, co-hosted by China Association of Machinery Industry for Environmental Protection, Jereh Enviro and Shanghai Metals Market.

During the event, Jereh Enviro signed cooperation agreements with Ukrenego, Shinwoo, etc. and reached extensive cooperation in the construction of lithium-ion battery recycling project and other fields.

With demand for lithium-ion battery continuous to grow, it is essential to establish a secondary use of metal materials recycled from end-of-use batteries for new battery manufacturing. According to Global Forecast to 2031, lithium-ion battery recycling market is projected to witness a significant growth, reaching USD 35.1 billion by 2031, with a compound annual growth rate of 20.6% during period.

Despite the huge market potential, most countries are still at an early stage of battery recycling development. The challenges associated with the industry including lack of regulation, safety and environmental sustainability become a vital concern of efficient recycling.

The Jereh Lithium-ion Battery Recycling Complete Equipment, targeting the issues of existing technologies, offers a safer, more efficient and eco-friendly solution. By innovating process route, the equipment adopts the combination design of precise dismantling and screening to improve the recovery rate and purity to 98%. In the crushing section, it breaks the restriction to realize the electrified crushing of the batteries. The "multi-seal" crushing system and inert gas protection system guarantee a safe process. Together with the tail gas treatment technology, the equipment ensures no leakage of dust or gas in the production line.

With nearly twenty years of experience in manufacturing environmental protection equipment for oil and gas fields, Jereh Enviro has been in a leading position in oil sludge treatment standard as well as technologies. The industry possesses higher safe and entry standards. By replicating mature oilfield experience, Jereh Enviro brings a more advanced technologies to minimizing safety risk. Additionally, the company has the ability of product certification in various countries, and the customized equipment can meet different national regulations and policies.

After the event, one of the lithium-ion battery recycling complete equipment, which is customized with "low temperature volatilization + electrolyte cryogenic recovery", will be delivered to Australia to assist efficient recycling.