Introducing Erinion: Leading the charge in heavy vehicle electrification with 40,000 charge points by 2030

11 June 2024

Erinion, a new company fully owned by Scania, today announces its official brand launch. Founded by Scania, Erinion provides turnkey depot and destination charging solutions ensuring a seamless and efficient electrification process for heavy vehicle fleets.

The electric truck market is growing rapidly due to advances in battery technology, stricter regulations, and a focus on sustainability. Companies transitioning to electrification face challenges such as high upfront costs, range anxiety, long charging times, and uncertainties about total cost of ownership (TCO). Erinion steps in to address these challenges with purpose-built, efficient, and reliable charging solutions, offering an end-to-end partnership for customers.

Meeting the growing demand for electric truck charging infrastructure

Targeting a growing market, Erinion's 40,000 planned charge point installations by 2030 will make a significant dent in Europe's projected need of 240,000-265,000 depot and destination charge points for its estimated 230,000 electric trucks. Up to 90% of energy for electric trucks will be charged at these fleet hubs, depending on the application (long-haul, regional, or urban operations). The hubs include depots, terminals, or centers from which the vehicles depart and to which they return.

Proven customer value

With charging infrastructure at predefined locations, Erinion ensures predictable charging schedules, increased uptime, maximized operational efficiency and cost savings. Erinion's approach to charging has already brought significant value to its customers. By implementing tailored solutions, Erinion has been able to reduce investment needs by up to 50% and enable operational savings of up to 15,000 Euros per truck annually.

"Shifting to electrification requires our customers to adopt a systems perspective, which involves embracing new operational strategies," says Jonas Hernlund CEO of Erinion. "With Erinion, we offer a complete solution that simplifies the transition to electric vehicles, enabling our customers to focus on their core operations while we handle the charging infrastructure."

Universal compatibility

Erinion provides tailored solutions for a wide array of customer segments, including transport buyers (1PL), transport operators (2PL), logistics operators (3/4PL), and real estate developers/owners. The brand-agnostic approach ensures that businesses of all types, regardless of vehicle brand, can benefit from Erinion's charging infrastructure and operational services. This inclusive strategy levels the playing field for all customers, fostering broader adoption of electric vehicles and accelerating the transition to a future system.

Experienced leadership and diverse talent

Erinion benefits from a team with deep industry knowledge, grounded in their experience at Scania. This ensures a seamless transfer of industry expertise while paving the way for innovative solutions. CEO Jonas Hernlund, previously Chief Commercial Officer at Einride, brings a decade of success from various Google leadership roles. Complementing this strong foundation, Erinion has strategically recruited top talent from leading tech and innovation companies like Tesla, Google, and Spotify. This diverse team combines industry understanding with cutting-edge skills in scaling businesses and building strong brands, positioning Erinion for rapid global expansion.

Key benefits of Erinion's solutions

  • Optimised efficiency: Tailored solutions designed from precise data and industry experience.
  • Premium uptime: Swift integration ensuring immediate and uninterrupted operations.
  • Improved TCO: Enhanced energy usage, reduced downtime, and lower maintenance costs.