Hyzon Motors Inc. Announces Milestone In Production Of 200kw Single-stack Fuel Cell System

11 July 2023

Hyzon Motors Inc. a high-power hydrogen fuel cell technology developer and global supplier of zero-emission heavy-duty fuel cell electric vehicles  today announced the successful completion and factory acceptance testing of the first nine single-stack 200kW Fuel Cell System (FCS) B-samples at its production and innovation center in Bolingbrook, IL. By achieving this milestone, Hyzon remains on track to declare Start of Production (SOP) and commercialization of its innovative FCS in 2024.  

The successful completion of testing of Hyzon’s nine 200kW FCS B-samples in the first half of 2023 demonstrates consistent progress toward commercial production. This achievement follows the commissioning of Hyzon’s proprietary, automated roll-to-roll Membrane Electrode Assembly (MEA) production line including in-line inspection and the installation of its single cell and fully automated fuel cell stack manufacturing lines. Progression of the 200kW FCS B-samples validates the design, equipment, and operating procedures, which are all critical to the final tooling and production of C-samples and the eventual commercialization of the FCS.  Additionally, we believe it shows growth in the company’s prototype assembly rate, with six of the B-samples produced and tested in Q2 2023, an increase from three in Q1 2023.

Hyzon is positioning to increase its FCS manufacturing rate with the installation of additional full and semi-automation equipment in the assembly and inspection processes, which is already underway. We also expect the continued standardization of design around the 200kW FCS powertrain components will expedite production and the Company expects the remaining 16 B-samples to be complete and the production of C-samples to begin in the second half of 2023.

“Our goal is to accelerate the clean energy transition by providing hydrogen fuel cells to power zero-emission mobility,” said Parker Meeks, Hyzon’s Chief Executive Officer. “In our view, this milestone reflects Hyzon’s years of leadership in developing hydrogen fuel cell technology, and this important step toward full-scale 200kW FCS production demonstrates exciting progress toward the commercialization of our single stack design.”

Hyzon’s single-stack 200kW FCS provides significant advantages relative to current industry standards. While most FCEV suppliers achieve 200kW output by coupling two ~110kW FCSs, Hyzon has developed proprietary material, design, and equipment engineering enabling 200kW output from a single stack. This breakthrough is expected to result in the following improvements:

~20% increase in miles per kilogram of hydrogen vs the 120kW FCS – greatly improving the truck total cost ownership (TCO);

~30% smaller volume & weight;

25% lower cost; and

Materially less maintenance than two 100kW long-range fuel cell systems due to the relative simplicity of design.

The demand environment for hydrogen fuel cell systems is robust, with approximately 68 million diesel-powered vehicles globally emitting roughly 11 billion tons of carbon annually1. Further, the U.S. government has made significant commitments to the industry, including the $7 billion committed through the Department of Energy’s Hydrogen Hub Program, as well as several programs contained in the Inflation Reduction Act, such as:

$60 million for the Diesel Emission Reduction Act program,
$2 billion for the Domestic Manufacturing Conversion Grant program,
$3 billion for the Advanced Technology Vehicle Manufacturing program,
A long-term extension of the Advanced Manufacturing Production Credit,
$2.25 billion to reduce air pollution at ports through deploying zero-emission technology.

For more information, visit HyzonMotors.com.