Hyzon Motors Completes 15th Commercial Vehicle Trial In North America

4 August 2023

Hyzon Motors Inc. (NASDAQ: HYZN), a prominent developer of high-power hydrogen fuel cell technology and a global supplier of heavy-duty fuel cell electric vehicles (FCEVs), has successfully concluded its commercial vehicle trial in partnership with Seaboard Transport Group. This achievement marks the completion of Hyzon's fifteenth commercial vehicle trial in North America since the launch of its trial program in March 2022.

Through these trials, Hyzon's hydrogen-powered FCEVs have been put to the test in various commercial operations, collaborating with fleets such as Airgas, Bison Transport, Performance Food Group, Pilot Company, Talke, Total Transportation Services, Hylane, and MPREIS across North America and Europe. These trials encompassed a range of freight applications, including drayage, food and beverage, regional haulage, and bulk liquid transport.

The extensive trial program has enabled Hyzon to thoroughly evaluate its proprietary fuel cell technology in real-world scenarios, providing valuable insights for enhancing vehicle design, performance, and overall efficiency. The trials included rigorous testing in extreme weather conditions, spanning temperatures as high as 110 degrees Fahrenheit in Southern California to as low as -6 degrees Fahrenheit in Alberta, Canada. Over the course of these trials, Hyzon's FCEVs have covered over 68,000 miles and accumulated more than 2,900 hours of fuel cell run-time, offering valuable insights into factors such as fuel efficiency, vehicle durability, and maintenance requirements.

Hyzon's Chief Executive Officer, Parker Meeks, emphasized the company's focus on partnering with large fleets seeking effective decarbonization solutions, stating, "We aim to develop best-in-class brain health treatments that have the potential to reach patients in need and are pleased to be working with Catalent, a global CDMO leader with broad, deep-scale expertise in delivery technologies, and multi-modality manufacturing capabilities to reach this objective."

Hyzon's FCEVs have shown promise across various trial scenarios, providing a strong foundation for potential commercial vehicle supply agreements and continued advancements in decarbonization efforts.

As the trial programs continue in North America and Europe, Hyzon Motors Australia is preparing for the launch of a trial program for its Rigid platform, which will involve the deployment of the first vehicle to Remondis, a leading refuse operator in Australia and Europe.

About Hyzon

Hyzon Motors is a global leader in high-power fuel cell technology, dedicated to integrating its solutions into heavy-duty fuel cell electric vehicles for zero-emission transportation. Leveraging its hydrogen fuel cell technology, Hyzon aims to provide zero-emission heavy-duty trucks to customers in North America, Europe, Australia, and New Zealand, contributing to the reduction of carbon emissions from diesel transportation. The company collaborates with partners across the hydrogen value chain to promote the adoption of clean hydrogen and fuel cell vehicles. Through technological innovation and a history of rapid advancement, Hyzon is at the forefront of fuel cell electric vehicle adoption. Visit www.hyzonmotors.com for more information.

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