Hyundai Mobis Develops World's First Vehicle QL Display: 'The Pinnacle of Display Quality'!

1 December 2023

Hyundai Mobis is poised to secure new orders for premium vehicle displays, characterized by large screens, high definition, and slim design, using a fusion of innovative technologies targeting global automakers. The company plans to capture the next-generation vehicle display market with high-specification performance and competitive pricing.

Hyundai Mobis has announced the world's first development of a QL Display (Quantum Dot and Local Dimming Display) for vehicles on 30th. The QL Display combines 'Quantum Dot' technology, which enhances color reproduction for a more realistic depiction of original colors, and 'Local Dimming' technology, which increases the contrast between light and dark colors for more precise image quality. The display maximizes brightness and clarity while offering the flexibility to slim down in thickness according to customer needs.

The QL Display is recognized as a next-generation premium product in the vehicle display market. While the currently popular OLED displays offer high performance, their high-cost limits widespread application. In contrast, the QL Display is considered on par with OLED in terms of performance but also boasts competitive pricing.

Hyundai Mobis' self-designed and developed QL Display enhances color reproduction and contrast ratio to OLED levels. It also features a 27-inch large, curved screen and a slim 14.5mm design, with adaptability to slim down to approximately 10mm per customer requests. The global vehicle display market is trending towards luxury with integrated large-screen structures extending from the driver's seat to the passenger side. Technology such as the QL Display, which enables high definition and slim design, is essential for mass production.

Hyundai Mobis is actively seeking new order opportunities in the premium vehicle display sector, leveraging its newly developed QL Display. The company plans to visit global automaker clients in North America and Europe to introduce and demonstrate the technology, highlighting the product's competitiveness. Following the development of the world's first rollable display last year, Hyundai Mobis is further strengthening its competitive edge in the next-generation display sector by introducing the QL Display this year.

Considering the trend among global automakers to apply advanced displays with various features to establish distinctive brand images, such capabilities in new technologies are expected to expand new business opportunities and secure market leadership with advanced technology competitiveness. Hyundai Mobis intends to aggressively highlight its display technology prowess at global mobility events like CES and leverage these technological strengths to dominate the premium vehicle display market.