Humatics Launches First Dynamic In-Motion Engine Assembly to be Demonstrated Live at Automate 2023

10 May 2023

Humatics has announced that it will showcase an industry first in-motion engine assembly application with multiple robotic arms working concurrently in the same pitch at this year's Automate show in Detroit, MI. The ability to introduce automation into production environments to achieve tasks that were previously not possible with robotics opens up a new level of cost reduction, quality control and profitability contribution for the automotive and aerospace manufacturing industries.

"Humatics engineers highly-precise movement with its Microlocation technology and continues to support applications such as in-motion assembly that help organizations expand their use of robotic technology to increase profitability," shared Ronald Ranaldi, SVP of Humatics. "Witnessing the in-motion capabilities of advanced robotics live often leads organizations to expand their understanding of what is possible and to quickly identify new applications that can significantly benefit their business."

The demonstration at Automate will show two independent and different model Universal Robots (UR) collaborative arms equipped with Atlas Copco PF 6000 assembly tools concurrently torquing bolts on an engine as it actively traverses the work space on a MiR AMR. Humatics is enabling the robotic arms to be aware of the engine position in three-dimensional space which empowers the robotic arms to interact with the moving engine, even as the engine varies its location each time it passes the cobots.

"Universal Robots is proud to include Humatics Corporation as a partner in our UR+ ecosystem," said Joe Campbell, Senior Manager of Applications Development and Strategic Marketing at Universal Robots. "The Humatics Microlocation technology, Milo, fully leverages the UR PolyScope platform, and expands the range of labor intensive, unergonomic applications that can be automated."

Visit Humatics to experience the live, in-motion multi-arm torquing use case at Automate in Detroit, May 22 - 25 in booth 5415. For additional information, please contact or visit