Honda Introduces New XR190L Fully Assembled in Mexico

14 March 2023

Honda de Mexico announced last Friday the arrival of the new 2023 XR190L motorcycle, the latest addition to Honda's XR family. This is the first generation of the XR190L assembled in Mexico since its initial launch in 2021, being one of Honda's most important models in Mexico, as it ranks sixth in sales.

In terms of performance, its 184cc engine means a smoother, more efficient ride on all types of terrain. In addition, it has a suspension, which provides greater comfort and stability on difficult roads. The renewed XR190L has a new and elegant color combination (red, black and white) with a modern and attractive design.

"At Honda, we are proud to offer high-quality and reliable products, and the new 2023 XR190L is a clear example of this. We are sure that our customers will enjoy this new version and enjoy driving on the roads," commented Miguel Moreno , manager of sales of the motorcycle division in Honda de México.

The new 2023 XR190L features a 4-stroke, single-cylinder, SOHC engine with rocker arms, with a displacement of 184cc and 2 valves. This engine is capable of producing a power of 15.6 Hp at 8,500 rpm. The cooling system is by natural air.

The engine is equipped with a wet sump, pump-forced lubrication system, which ensures that the engine stays well lubricated and runs smoothly and reliably.

Includes electric start system and kickstarter as backup. It has a PGM-FI electronic injection system, which improves fuel efficiency and ensures easier and faster starting.

The 2023 XR190L is a motorcycle completely assembled in Mexico, which means that it has been produced locally using high-quality materials and skilled labor, representing an example of Honda's dedication to local manufacturing and the economic development of the country. .

With a 5-speed transmission and a 12.0-liter fuel tank, the 2023 XR190L is a motorcycle designed to deliver reliable, long-lasting performance on all types of journeys, whether on- or off-road. It will be priced at $60,990 , making it an affordable option for those looking for a high-quality, efficient motorcycle.

The 2023 XR190L is a motorcycle with a powerful and reliable engine, offering an enhanced riding experience.