Hillcrest Completes Design Of Ev Industry’s First Zvs-enabled Power Module

15 June 2023

Hillcrest Energy Technologies a pioneering clean technology company, is pleased to announce the completion of the design phase for the industry’s first silicon carbide (SiC) power module optimized for Hillcrest’s proprietary Zero Voltage Switching (ZVS) technology.

Hillcrest’s ZVS power modules are being developed in collaboration with the Company’s strategic partner, Systematec GmbH, with Hillcrest retaining all intellectual property.

Hillcrest Chief Technology Officer, Ari Berger, commented, “Our partners at Systematec GmbH have been developing and designing silicon carbide (SiC) power devices for the automotive sector for nearly twenty years. Their extensive hardware experience combined with our proprietary ZVS technology platform are allowing us to expand the efficiency and performance possibilities for power conversion devices. Our current ZVS-enabled traction inverter is already delivering industry-leading results in e-mobility applications. The ability to integrate and build our own, ZVS-enabled power modules for applications up to 1,000 volts will allow us to achieve ever more impressive levels of system efficiency, reliability, reduced cost and performance.”

Harald Hengstenberger, Founder and Co-Owner of Systematec GmbH, stated, “Our ZVS-enabled power modules are expected to offer even greater improvements power density, efficiency as well as further reductions in electromagnetic interference (EMI) behaviour. The ability to reduce or possibly even eliminate the need for EMI filters and shielding, increased power density and efficiency could save manufacturers hundreds of dollars per vehicle and reduce the overall weight of the powertrain. Achieving these results in a cost-effective power module designed for large-scale manufacturing will represent a significant advancement for the EV industry.”

Power modules are a critical component in all high energy-density power conversion equipment, such as automotive traction inverters. They consist of a substrate containing power semiconductor devices (silicon carbide dies), connected to form a circuit that provides excellent electrical and thermal contact and insulation.

The Hillcrest SiC traction inverter harnesses the power of the Company’s proprietary ZVS technology platform. Extensive lab tests and simulations have showcased substantial improvements in system-level efficiency, performance, and reliability for electric systems such as electric vehicles and stationary energy generation and energy storage systems.

Hillcrest has granted incentive stock options to certain employees of the company to purchase up to 287,967 common shares in the capital of the company, pursuant to the company’s Share Option Plan dated July 29, 2021. The options vest immediately and are exercisable on or before June 14, 2028, at an exercise price of CDN$0.57 per share.

The Company also granted restricted stock units (“RSU”) to certain employees, officers, directors, and consultants of the company to purchase up to 3,351,126 common shares in the capital of the company, pursuant to the Company’s RSU Plan dated July 28, 2021. 1,426,317 of the RSUs vest immediately, 210,527 vest on July 3, 2023, and the remaining 1,714,282 vest over a 3-year period; 20% will vest after one year, 30% after two years and the remaining 50% vest after 3 years. All RSUs are exercisable on or before December 1, 2026.